Uncle Rudy’s First Ever Safety Sunday Hits the Mark!


owners-melissa-john-rudolph-uncle-rudysOver 300 Tri-Staters took part in the first annual Safety Sunday event at Uncle Rudy’s on Evansville’s Eastside. This free event open to the public, was filled with safety demonstrations, one-on-one instruction, resources, fun challenges and more.

“I’ve never shot a handgun, and today seemed like the right time to learn how to handle and fire a gun. I learned even more than I expected. I had no idea what I was doing, but the team really kept it simple for me and taught me the basics. I had a great instructor helping me one-on-one,” said Karen Johnson.

Pulling up to the event you’d notice the Indiana National Guard and Evansville Police Department presence, with Evolve USA and other organizations providing resources inside the range.

National gun safety organization Evolve USA says Evansville’s Safety Sunday event is the first in the nation and hopes for it to be replicated across the country.
“Evolve is excited to be working with Uncle Rudy’s on the first gun Safety Sunday. We hope this will become a model for others around the country to plan family-friendly community events that put gun safety first and foremost,” said Rebecca Bond of Evolve USA.

After opening the gun range in 2015, Uncle Rudy’s owners John and Melissa Rudolph established their role in the community to educate on safe and responsible gun ownership.

karen-johnson-instructor-aiming-safety-sunday“This is one of the most important programs we’ve ever offered at Uncle Rudy’s. And, it’s why we started this business – to educate others on safe and responsible gun ownership. Every person that walked through the door today was able to pick up free gun locks and chamber flags. We had a lot of families come out to Safety Sunday, which is what we really wanted to see,” said John Rudolph.

Children stood in line to try the airsoft gun challenge. But it wasn’t as easy at just aiming and firing; Rudolph’s son Allen demonstrated his advanced training by showing proper gun handling, loading and firing with kids of all ages on the airsoft guns.

Uncle Rudy’s offers a variety of safety training courses and one-on-one instructor training all year. For more information on safety training, visit unclerudys.com or call 812-962-7663.

range-instruction-older-woman-safety-sundayUncle Rudy’s is Evansville’s only indoor shooting range. Uncle Rudy’s goal is to provide a safe, family-friendly environment to learn gun safety, where beginners and experts can feel comfortable and enjoy shooting sports in the Evansville tri-state. Our staff is highly trained, skilled NRA instructors who want to take the time to educate each and every person who walks in our doors.

Evolve USA believes that a third voice is needed in the gun debate. Contrary to what some think, there are important common values that resonate with both gun owners and non-gun owners alike. Safety and reduction of gun violence are of paramount importance to both. We focus on voluntary actions, taken on by individuals, to avoid gun preventable firearms deaths and gun violence.



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