Mercher Claims That City County Observer And Evansville Courier Posted An Erroneous Amendments In Error


The City County Observer as well as Evansville Courier printed an erroneous non-existant amendments in error.

I am requesting the City County Observer print that this was an error.

I have asked Josh Claybourn, our attorney to contact you also. The amendment printed in CP Saturday  and also by City County Observer that listed me as a sponsor of an amendment to cut the non-profits by 25 percent is eroneous and that is a non-existant amendment.

I am not sponsoring any amendment to cut the non-profits.

I have sent three attachments:

1) Elpers and McGinn Amendment to cut non-profits. If their amendment passes then my amendments would be voted on.

2) Mercer amendment to exclude SWIRRCA if the Elpers and McGinn amendment passes.

3) Mercer amendment to exclude Leadership Evansville if the Elpers and McGinn amendment passes.

See attachments.

Amendment non-profits 2018-Elpers,

Amendment non-profits 2018-Elpers, McGinn

McGinn Amendment non-profits 2018-Elpers, McGinn

Thanks so much!


At-Large Evansville City Council Member

FOOTNOTE: The City-County Observer posted information concerning budget amendments that was sent to members of Evansville City Council by their Legal Counsel, Josh Claybourn.  They were sent to us and we posted them without bias, opinion or editing.




  1. Make a cut that almost no one would notice. Completely eliminate the HRC+ Human Relation Commission. This group is a duplicate of what the State already does. This group is only kept in place to get support from a specific block voters, has not done one single thing for anyone for years. If we had a mayor and a city council that cared about taxes and the people the budget would be decreased by at least 10% with no downside.


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