Kathryn Martin Files For Re-Election.


Evansville, Indiana – On Wednesday, January 10, 2018, current Trustee of Knight Township, Kathryn Martin filed to run for re-election. Her submission took place at Evansville’s Civic Center at 4:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. Martin’s dedication to the community and passion for helping people have solidified her as a positive figure in the Evansville Area.

Trustee’s main responsibility is to provide aide to those in need. For those who qualify, that assistance may include assistance with shelter (rent or mortgage), utilities (gas, electric, water), medical, and burial expenses, with the goal of helping to bridge a temporary financial gap. The trustee’s office serves more than 65,000 residents on the east side of Evansville and in the surrounding unincorporated areas.

It is home to nearly 40% of Vanderburgh County’s citizens. Other duties include providing fire protection to unincorporated areas of the county; assisting with the burial of the indigent; managing the township budget and financial records; and preparing an annual financial report.

Kathryn Martin has been Trustee since 2010.  As proven by her ability to help citizens of our tri-state, earning the designation of ‘Indiana Trustee of the Year’ in 2014, as well as other states, Martin makes a great public servant for the residents of Knight Township.  Martin believes that ‘township government provides a crucial service to the residents of Knight Township, as it provides immediate help to people in times of need.’

Martin is married to her husband, John, and is a mother of six (with two of them being fraternal twins).  Martin worked on the building of a memorial park and playground at Eastbrook Mobile Home Park and because of this effort she received the Lampion Center Community Service Award.

In June 2007, she received the prestigious Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Award, as well as the Mark Trail Award presented by the National Weather Service.  In February 2008, she was recognized by MONTEL and Charming Shoppes with the VOICES award.  Martin also received the Ivy Tech Distinguished Alumnus Award for 2009.


  1. Knowing nothing about Kathryn Martin but what I read, I’d say she is an example of what’s good in government and deserves to be re-elected. As opposed to one of her predecessors, who represented the bad and got what she deserved.


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