IS IT TRUE that Supit Ying MossI wanted an opportunity to respond to an article in last Saturday morning Courier and Press that reported on an incident that allegedly accused her husband,  Dr. Richard Moss, of misdemeanor battery 23 years ago and she has just responded to set the record straight.

IS IT TRUE she acknowledges they have had a few marital spat, over the years but at no time were there any physical contact between her and her husband? …she also states that there were no battery occurred then or at any time during her time together with her husband?  …we just posted a copy of Mrs. Supit Ying MossI  letter she sent to the Evansville Courier and Press and also posted it in the CCO with her permission?  …we  posted Supit Ying MossI letter without opinion, bias or editing?

IS IT TRUE the Evansville Courier & Press editor announced over the weekend, the Courier will host a debate between Cheryl Musgrave and her opponents competing for the Vanderburgh County Commissioner seat in the Republican primary?  …the debate will be held Wednesday April 27, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Browning Room in Central Library?  …you can bet that the real Mayor of Evansville Carol McClintock and her husband hand picked candidate Alex Schmitt will be primed and ready to go to answer the debate questions?

IS IT TRUE we can’t wait to see  how Mr. Schmitt will explain to those attending this debate why his present financial problems and his unemployment status qualifies him to serve on the  Vanderburgh County Commission?  …we would also like to know if Mr. Schmitt ever had similar issues when he lived in other cities?

IS IT TRUE if “First Lady” McClintock and Mayor Winnecke’s hand picked candidate Alex Schmitt wins the Vanderburgh County Commission primary race people are  saying that they will officially take political control of Evansville and Vanderburgh County alike?  …In essence if this happens we will have a consolidated government?

 IS IT TRUE a recent switch for a retirement program from Nationwide to Voya-Wells Fargo has upset some County employees?  …at yesterdays County Commission meeting  some County employees say they don’t  want their plan to change,?  …some county employees attending this meeting alleges  that there may be a conflict of interest on behalf of County Commissioner Joe Kiefer’s  because his son is one of the brokers listed  on this retirement deal thats now handled by Voya-Wells?  …its alleged  that Commissioner  Joe Kiefer son is set to receive an undisclosed amount of commission from this deal?

IS IT TRUE that  County Commissioner President Bruce Ungethiem said county officials are examining the deal to see if it can be stopped?  … County Recorder Z Tuley asked for the commissioners to stop the change?  …Jim Ethridge, a retired deputy prosecutor, spoke on why he feels why the deal was mishandled by commissioners.?  … Mr. Ethridge statement that Commissioner son is making money off this deal,”  was spot on?

IS IT TRUE that former Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Jim Ethridge charged that Commissioner Joe Kiefer son Joe Kiefer II is an employee at Wells Fargo and was one of two brokers who closed the deal?   …Commissioner Kiefer did abstained from all votes and public discussion related to this retirement plan?  … that Mr Ethridge also stated “Just because you abstained does not mean you don’t have a conflict of interest?    …this is a developing story?

IS IT TRUE our announcement that Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding was selected the third 2016 CCO  “Community Achievement  Award” winner got the attention of our many thousands of CCO readers?  …the article on Sheriff Wedding was viewed by a whooping 6,760 CCO Facebook readers and 1,719 on line CCO readers?  …it looks like we made an outstanding  choice in selecting Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding as one of our 2016 “Community Achievement Award” winners”?

FOOTNOTE:  Our next “IS IT TRUE” will be posted on this coming Friday?

Please take time and read our newest feature article entitled “HOT JOBS” posted in this section are from Evansville proper.

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    • Not TOO much Republican cronyism in the GOP today though:
      “Six in 10 (60%!) of registered Republican voters say they are scared and afraid of a Ted Cruz Presidency.”

      • Dear Ted says he is the new Ronald Reagan and would be successful in the fall. Well, when Mr. Reagan was elected our national saw 20+% interest rates, the dollar value declined by 25% in 24 months the term stag-flation was readily used and of course we had the Iran hostage affair. Mr. Reagan had the perfect storm. Old Teddy does not have the storm at least yet. Old Hilliary is concerned about being Trumped. Old Donald is capable of saying anything. He must have been successful in using the terms like “Little Marco” and “Lying Ted” and now “Crooked Hilliary Clinton” . . . Can’t wait to see how Wayne’s World” a/k/a W. Park handles the Cruz v. Trump match-up. Naturally, we can expect Santa Lloyd Winnecke to endorse Cruz and should that happen Cruz needs to be concerned because Winnecke’s endorsements have proven to be a death-nail. Consider Marsha Abell and the dude on County Council he endorsed. Poor Schmitt is screwed!!!

  1. By backing the unqualified Schmitt for commisioner Winnecke doesn’t have to win but he isn’t going to lose. Not a bad move. As ‘MainStreetDemo’ put it yesterday:

    ‘…the novice kid with baggage is a test balloon. I he loses to a tough established candidate like Musgrave, so be it. No loss to Winnecke. If he beats Musgrave, Winnecke’s power from endorsement will be huge. Winnecke becomes the sole Republican king maker and crushes the opposition within his own party. Hate to say it, Winnecke is a damn smart politician.’
    The blatant Kiefer deal shouldn’t surprise anyone. It’s open season down there.
    Good article about Jerry Sloan.

      • He went to the church I went to when I was much younger. I got his autograph on the back of a donation envelope there. Twice. It was during the time, ’64-5, when Evansville College was winning Div. II championships with him and his crew (Humes, Watkins, Grieger and Herb Williams the best I remember).

  2. Cheryl has a much better resume than young Squire Schmitt, but the outcome of the election rides on turnout of the people who live in the County, as it seems the folks in the City will buy anything Winnecke is selling.

    • LKB…that is true. And I’m not giving you a “I disagree” comment. But look at your voter profile for Winnecke (the people usually who buy what “Winnecke is selling.”) They look like him, they are not uncomfortable with a straight-laced, bookish type who “looks like” they expect the winner to look like. Schmitt kind of is like that…although too young and there’s some PR mud on him, admittedly. But Musgrave? She looks exactly like they expect the winner to look like too. That isn’t good for Winnecke if he expects to beat her. Winnecke needed Schmitt’s opponent to look/seem off-type for the typical Winnecke voter. Musgrave doesn’t. She looks like someone the typical Winnecke voter likes too – bookish, experienced, not surprising to see her running the meeting – type.

  3. I’m not sure why Mr. Kiefer thinks that simply because he abstained from the vote that that someone takes away any possible implication of corruption, nepotism, or conflict of interest.

    To think he wasn’t behind the scenes pushing for this change is just silly.

    I’m not sure if he thinks we, the public, or naive, or just stupid.

    • Maybe.
      But the crossfire is heavier in the area where he decides to vote, compared to the crossfire where he decided to abstain.

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    • Is it true that he got the county to build a sewer for one of his developments while he abstained from voting? Maybe he figured the public wouldn’t pay attention this time either.

      • Maybe this is why Wayne Park said that Steve Melcher was one of the best commissioners we have. Maybe it is time for old Steve to retire since he seems to have thrown his lot in with the Republican majority. Hell, well Messy Nosby on one side of the equation and Melcher on the other. Pitiful!!!!

  4. NEWS FLASH – Goldman banker from NYC coming to Evansville:
    “Coming in to Evansville on this Friday, April 22nd is a big city New York City banker from Goldman bank to convince Evansville voters to vote for Texas Senator Ted Cruz who is trying to run for President of the United States.”

      • When Ted Cruz does make his way to campaign in Indiana, I think all of the reporters in the media won’t leave him alone and will badger him on who his Vice President running mate will be. They have been hounding him relentlessly about that VP pick, he can’t talk about any issues because of it.
        Laugh my butt off…even Sean Hannity and Matt DrudgeReport are ridiculing Ted Cruz!
        I guess that’s what happens when the only way your are known is by getting votes through subterfuge, and by stealing delegates away from Primary winners in States that allow you to throw the citizens who voted for Trump…off the cliff.

      • I like Cruz for President. Mitch Daniels would be my fist choice. Both know we have a US Constitution. None of the rest seem aware. Bernie seems like a nice old socialist, he should be on the faculty of some liberal arts school.

        • Mitch Daniels would get my vote too. Personally, I am convinced Cruz is a crazy man with some kind of dark mental problem he masks, day in and day out. Something is “very off” on Cruz.

  5. How many “Downtown Master Plans” have we had now? Why is Josh Armstrong the Big Kahuna on this one? Does he have a degree in Urban Planning? I know he was a manager for a Cheesecake Factory, and then came to Evansville. The two Firefly Restaurants he co-owned went bankrupt, and the Kelley Coures arranged a job for him in the attempt to give away a restaurant on Main. He didn’t get that job done, either. Now he sits on some influential boards and is an authority on making a success of downtown. Hmmmm…..


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