Dear President Ungethiem,

When Commissioner Musgrave first approached me about this position, and later Commissioner Ungethiem followed up with me about it, this position intrigued me. Throughout this process, I have given much thought about serving as the Manager of Burdette Park. I believed, and still believe, I have the experience and a demonstrated skill set that would provide for a positive contribution to this community and in particular to Burdette Park. For the past several years, I was the Chief Facilities Officer of the 3rd largest public school system in this state. As the chief of facilities, I oversaw nearly 5,000,000 square feet of buildings; approximately 700 acres of grounds, managed approximately 200 people, and oversaw millions of dollars of public funds on an annual basis.

Fact: The county reached out to me about this position. Fact: it was not Commissioner Shoulders who approached me about this position.

I appreciate the opportunity to serve as the Manager of Burdette Park. However, since the appointment, I witnessed the divisiveness of this appointment. As a former county commissioner, I recognize the importance of the county commissioners and the county council working together for the betterment of Vanderburgh County. The appointment is at the point that it has become a distraction to the board. You, the board, are challenged daily with very important issues that must be met in order to move this county forward. You must move on and not let this get in the way of the fine work you are doing on behalf of this community. Please redirect your time and energy into facing these difficult challenges.

Therefore, effectively immediately, I respectfully remove my name from consideration as Manager of Burdette Park. My personal recommendation is for the board to name Gerald “Jerry” Grannan interim manager of Burdette Park until you have completed your search for a new manager. I have full faith and confidence that Mr. Grannan will serve you with distinction in this role.

I was born and grew up in here. I was educated here and worked for 35+ years in the public sector. No matter where I may land in the future, Evansville and Vanderburgh County will always be my “home.” I thank the Board of Commissioners and wish you nothing but the best.

Pat Tuley

EDITORS FOOTNOTE:  This is a developing story.  We are now working on to see if the current Director of Burdette Park Jacob Murphy will remain Director of Burette Park.


  1. How much weight does Tuley’s ‘personal recommendation’ for Burdette manager carry? In an honest world I would think none at all. Despite the ‘skill set’ and massive qualifications he claims to have, it did take him a while to withdraw his name. If the switcheroo would have slid through quietly we would have never been treated to this amazing letter. The arrogance of the entrenched local politicians is astounding.

    This could probably not have been handled any more poorly. Not once in his letter did Tuley mention the apparently able Jacob Murphy and the shoddy way he was treated.

  2. I like how he thinks people care who he personally recommends. We didn’t want you, Mr. Tuley. We certainly don’t want your recommended friend.

    I think most in Evansville would like to see thing righted and Mr. Murphy be offered his job back.

    These backdoor politics and back scratching is getting ridiculous. Evansville is made fun of by others. I’m almost embarrassed to be from here.


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