VHS Kicking off the Holiday Season with a “Black Friday” Special!


The Friday after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Let us not forget that there are so many wonderful animals at the VHS waiting to find their loving, forever homes. Many of which, just happen to be Black Dogs & Cats. In honor of “Black Friday”, the VHS will be kicking off the holiday season with our very own “Black Friday” Special.

In hopes that many of our wonderful “Black Pearls” as we affectionately call them, find families to spend their holiday season and beyond with; the VHS will be reducing the adoption fee for Black Dogs & Cats this weekend. Hours are as follows:

Friday, November 25th, Noon – 7 PM
Saturday, November 26th, Noon – 6 PM

For these two days, all Adult Black Dogs will be $50. All Black Cats & Kittens will be $25. Each adoption fee includes the animal’s spay/neuter, up to date vaccinations, microchip, ID tag, and sample bag of food.

Black Dogs & Cats tend to get overlooked in animal shelters for many reasons, the main of which being people are still superstitious. Others think they all look the same or are just too ordinary. As a result, shelters often have to come up with creative ways to showcase the Black Dogs & Cats so that they are not overlooked and have the same chance to find loving, forever homes as the multi-colored animals do.

Here at the VHS, we invite potential adopters to step into our “treasure chest” and find the rarest of all gems, a “Black Pearl”. No jewelry box is complete without one and we hope that our “Black Friday” special will bring plenty of new families in to find their precious gems. We have plenty of them!

The VHS, a non-profit agency, provides a multitude of services for pets and their people in the community. Services include taking in unwanted animals, re-homing those animals, providing low cost spay and neuter services, and assisting with pet food for those who are in need. Every day of the year, staff and volunteers show up to the VHS to care for the pets we serve. We receive no tax-based funding, so we rely on the generosity of the public to continue the services we provide.


  1. We have a black cat we adopted from the humane society, and he is the love of our lives. Nothing evil about this cat — spoiled, yes, but evil, not a chance. So glad we took a chance on him…..

  2. Every solid black pet I’ve had the pleasure to have or be around is a total character! They are full of personality like no other.
    We have a chatty 13 year old black kitty that has been with me since she was 7 weeks old. Not an evil or mean bone in her.

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