The Importance of Parks and Recreation…A Better life!

Beautiful Well Kept Park

The Importance of Parks and Recreation…A Better life!

By: Linda Koelling, Vice Mayor of Foster City, CA

We all know the importance of leisure time and recreation in our lives, yet, when times are tough it seems the first things we look to cut in any city budget is in the area of Parks and Recreation. Although recreation means something different to each individual, on the community level the meaning of recreation is focused toward the attainment of an ideal, toward contributions in one form or another to a better way of life. It can then be said that recreation provides for the improvement of society and therefore is essential in our lives. We only have to look around us in Foster City and realize the quality of services that our Parks and Recreation Department provides through its exciting programs and exceptionally maintained parks. When looking at our budget one will see that Parks and Recreation carves a large piece of the budget because our city sees the essential value in leisure activities.

You may have noticed that I have labeled Parks and Recreation as an essential service. I believe that in the midst of vast changes in our communities and the need for regenerating our society because of the economic issues we are all facing, it is important that we have recreational opportunities in place for personal needs, social interaction, creativity and inspiration. Parks and Recreational facilities provide a welcome retreat for the entire family.

As the warm summer months approach, residents should look at the various opportunities that will be available through our Parks and Recreation department. There are opportunities to simply strolling through neighborhood parks such as Leo Ryan Park, walk the new track at Catamaran Park or participate in a structured activity like the Family Overnighter at Boothbay Park. Whether it’s the Levee Pedway or neighborhood park structures, our parks system provides something for all ages and interests. Foster City Parks make life better by making this community a desirable place in which to live and work now and in the future and capturing the serenity and awe of nature.

You can enjoy what the Foster City park system has to offer and discover how it can make your life better. Parks may enhance the quality of life by offering a safe outdoor space for play, or maybe it’s the beauty and quietness of being in nature that makes you feel alive. It could be the healthy movement of exercise at your own pace or spending time with family. You might just discover the simple free time of fun and ability to relax in positive spaces. The parks may also serve as gathering places for socializing and learning; a common ground that connects you and neighbors.

You will recognize the value of Parks and Recreation as they will forever enrich our lives in the neighborhoods and communities in which we live. I encourage you to live the promise that parks make life better and there is no better city than Foster City that exemplifies the many ways that Parks and Recreation positively affect our lives