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Steamboat a Comin’ traveling exhibit at library


October 31, 2011 – Evansville, IN – Steamboat a Comin’: The Legacy of the New Orleans, a traveling exhibition launched by the Indiana Historical Society and sponsored by the Rivers Institute at Hanover College, is on display in Central Library’s lobby now through November 30th.

In celebration of the bicentennial of the first steamboat to successfully voyage down the Ohio River, the exhibit highlights steamboat travel’s impact on western expansion and development. Steamboat a Comin’ introduces visitors to the adventurers who first dared to take a steamboat on the Ohio River, the technology they used, and the positive and negative consequences of their actions.

Visitors will leave with an understanding and appreciation of the adventurous spirit of early river travel, the technological achievements, the vast impact on landscape and economy, and the rich culture we have today as a result.