Breaking News: County Commission Candidate Bruce Ungethiem Replies To Marsha Abell’s Comments On The IU Medical School Location‏

bruceAs a life time resident of Vanderburgh County I strongly support the IU medical School in any location in Vanderburgh County before a location in Warrick County.
The building of the medical school will initially bring construction jobs and investment dollars into the Vanderburgh County and boost our economy.
Once the school is built, it will bring full time residents to our county not only as students but as teachers and support staff for the school.  This will increase our population and have a spill out effect on our economy. The teachers and staff will purchase homes and pay property taxes as well as county income taxes that will support our community. The students will require housing and occasionally when their families visit, hotels and restaurants will also benefit.  All of these new members of our community will require services such as groceries, gas, furnishings and entertainment that will also boost our county economy.
If elected County Commissioner I will support the IU medical school in Vanderburgh County whether it be downtown, the Promenade on the east side, on the campus of USI  on the west side, or even in the
Northern part of  the County Commission 2nd district that I will represent.  No matter where the school is located.  I would require a fiscal impact study to be conducted to ensure the financial impact over the life cycle of the project is positive to the community.
Bruce Ungethiem, PE
Candidate for County Commissioner District 2
Bruce Ungethiem


    • Eric W: Explain to me what the difference is between Bruce and Marsha on the IU Medical facility. Is there any? They both want it in SW Indiana. Help me on this one–what is the difference?

    • Eric W: Who are you? A few minutes ago you told me to “So shut your stupid month.”

      So Eric W–Explain to me what the difference is between Bruce and Marsha on the IU Medical facility.

  1. Bruce, you’re acting as if you can just slap this school in any location and it would be just as good as the others. That is incorrect, and that’s the problem we have with Abel in charge already. The consequences from Vanderburgh Co/Evansville’s complete lack of smart growth and New Urbanism principles are proving to be devastating. You should be running against that not with it.

    • More importantly, Jordan, what does ‘support’ mean? We recognize it probably means helping to pitch other locations, which IU can accept or turn down at their discretion. This is good. But it also means subsidies. The $100m question is, how much should city or county be expected to contribute for each location? Some will cost vastly more than others depending on whether the property already belongs to the city, county, or private firm. In the case of Martin’s Promenade, I am of the belief they should be contributing the land to a deal on their dime. Otherwise, it makes more sense to taxpayers to either pitch land we already own, i.e. Roberts/State Hospital, or let Warrick County spend their money on this. Evansville will still benefit greatly. I see no reason to believe more people will locate in Evanville -enough to offset the subsidy – because we placed it a few hundred yards away.

  2. Eric W: Can we be a little more mature. That is ridiculous. There is no need for that.

  3. So, what kind of subsidy package would this candidate support? Where is the cutoff? $25m? $50m? $100m?

    If put on Martin land, would this candidate support subsidizing land purchase, or would he agree that a giveaway by Martin should be insisted upon considering they would be the primary beneficiaries of the surrounding development boom?

    • I was under the impression Martin had developed a proposal on their own, leaving the politian’s paws out of it. They will reap the benefits on the developement of the surrounding property. If anything a phase-in of property taxes, to encourage apartments, resturants,& in effect residents who will pay local option income tax, food and beverage and other taxes. Otherwise the cornfield will remain, paying little tax. The realestate politians who have bought up options in hope of making a buck on downtown will have to find another way to ply their power/inside information. Bruce is out for the betterment of the county and taxpayers, not sell real estate.

    • I agree with the notion that the IU Med School should go on Martin land. That will significantly reduce the mosquito population and promote more outdoor activities/foot traffic by the students.

      • Sounds good to me! USI is a viable site, too. I still can’t imagine one downtown that can compete with either of those, and the Mayor isn’t about to get transparent on it, is he?

        • Was trying to make a joke about Martin land (as in Purple Martins) reducing mosquitoes. Not as funny when you have to explain it !

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