Protest At Evansville Planned Parenthood Facility On August 22 Warns: “Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Parts”



 In light of recent revelations that Planned Parenthood has been harvesting and selling aborted baby parts, Right to Life of Southwest IN and concerned citizens of southwest Indiana are calling for a protest at the Planned Parenthood facility at 125 N. Weinbach Ave. in Evansvilleon August 22 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. This effort is part of a National Day of Protest taking place at Planned Parenthood offices and abortion facilities all across the United States ( to raise awareness about Planned Parenthood’s trafficking of aborted baby parts.

Undercover videos (see links below) released by the Center for Medical Progress reveal that Planned Parenthood abortion clinics, with the sanction of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, are involved in the harvesting of body parts of unborn children aborted in their facilities and profiting from their sale contrary to federal laws prohibiting such practices. The videos show high-level Planned Parenthood executives haggling over the prices of fetal specimens. The videos also raise ethical questions about the exploitation of unborn children for financial gain and risks to women’s health if abortion procedures are altered solely to procure more profitable specimens.

As a consequence of this public scandal, several states have initiated investigations of Planned Parenthood and legislation has been introduced in Congress to defund the abortion giant. Planned Parenthood currently receives over $500 million in taxpayer funding annually.

WHO: Right to Life of Southwest IN & Concerned citizens of Southwest Indiana

WHAT: Press conference, prayer vigil and protest signs calling attention to PP’s baby parts trafficking

WHERE: Planned Parenthood, 125 N. Weinbach Ave, Evansville, IN

WHEN: August 22, 2015 from 9:00 a.m. to11:00 a.m.

The coalition is headed by Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, Created Equal, 40 Days for Life and the Pro-Life Action League, and is co-sponsored by fifty state and national pro-life organizations.

Local spokesperson Mary Ellen Van Dyke said:

“All politics is local. We cannot only look to Washington, DC and our state governments to solve this problem. Planned Parenthood is located in large and small communities all across America. Each community with a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic or satellite office needs to take action against the killing of babies and the trafficking of their body parts. Concerned local citizens from southwest Indiana will be sending the message that it’s well past time for Planned Parenthood to be run out of town!”

Links to the first three Center for Medical Progress undercover videos:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:



  1. Christian morons at it again. They do not “sell” baby parts. They “sell them” in the same sense the red cross “sells” your blood to hospitals when you donate.

    • Yes, the red cross crunches around the vital organs or takes your brain out while your heart is beating to get your blood. But then you pretty well cued us to your mindset with your first sentence. It’s the same set of morons that led the way in ending slavery.

      But think about your defense. So what if PP is selling human tissue? Does giving it away make it more ethical? Maybe they could sell it to resturants for human consumption?

    • Speaking of morons, Baghdad, your comment is the most moronic comment of the year.
      Have you watched the videos?

  2. PP is the the canker sore of the abortion without exceptions des ease that infects our national mores. You treat the symptom by curing the desease not feeding it. Defund the abortion industry.

    • He found no problem with PP dealing in human tissue, or he found no evidence of Indiana PPs dealing in human tissue?

      • Well, considering he spent all of one half second on it, I’d say it just doesn’t really matter to him.

        • So in other words your first comment was intended to mislead. I think it would be common knowledge that Pence is pro-life and would not tolerate Hoosier tax dollars going to support an organization dealing in the tissue of aborted humans.

  3. This is bullshit. People pissed off about current law are going to go and harass employees and people who need birth control or a pelvic exam. The mostly young women coming in and out of Planned Parenthood are getting cancer screenings and tools for family planning. These are the women who are making sure they don’t have to choose whether to get an abortion. Why would we want to discourage them from staying healthy and not pregnant if that is their choice?

    Why don’t these fools go find an actual abortion clinic to protest. Oh that’s right, it’s nearly impossible to find one in Indiana. They’d have to get in their cars and drive 3 hours. Maybe we should look at the number of prescriptions for Viagra that are issued in Evansville versus the number of prescriptions for birth control. I find it ironic that old men want to fuck without consequences but will be marching around Planned Parenthood next week taking a stance against the place that probably is key to their not experiencing consequences.

    If Planned Parenthood closes, the number of divorces and juvenile paternity cases will skyrocket in Vanderburgh County.

    • First, there is no law establishing abortion. Second, protesting is a constitutional right. Third, they are not protesting birth control or pelvic examines, which other organizations also provide, they are protesting the funding of a national organization dealing in the human tissue extracted from aborted humans lives.

      That you think we must tolerate crushing the bodies of unborn babies to have birth control and pelvic examines is a very narrow view from a staunch mind and hard heart that believes we must have abortion at any cost.

      • Abortion is a constitutional right. Laws have been passed for nearly 40 years restricting that right. Protesting is a constitutional right. Laws have also been passed restricting that right.

        The use of human tissue in research saves lives. People have been donating their bodies to science for a very long time. An abortion within certain parameters is legal. Why wouldn’t the remains of that procedure be acceptable for research?

        The investigations into Planned Parenthood established that PP wasn’t profiting from the transactions. Entities getting tissue for research were paying the cost of collecting and preserving the materials.

        And yes, you must tolerate abortion. Why, because it’s legal. The legality of abortion has nothing to do with PP per se. They are just some of the brave souls who are willing to risk their lives to see the constitution upheld. PP’s abortion services makes up a fraction of their overall services. 90%+ of their work is other medical services to women. They provide a service that a majority of people want to preserve more so than use it themselves. And it is often cheaper or free compared to using health insurance.

        We do not have abortion at any cost. We have abortion because the Supreme Court found that the right to abort a fetus was within our rights to privacy and dominion over our bodies. So few people understand that the issues stems from a right to privacy, and we would all suffer if our right to privacy was compromised.

        • The only good thing that has come from this practice being exposed is that the pro-abortion folk can no longer deny that it is humans being aborted and not just some blob of flesh.

          A judicial decree no more makes abortion moral than a judicial decree made slavery moral. These human lives that have been killed for the plunder of their tissue had no say in donating that tissue.

          And no, I do not need to tolerate abortion because it is legal any more than we needed to tolerate slavery or segregation.

          That the pro-abortionist can not bring themselves to denounce this practice by PP and even defends it is indicative of how morally bankrupt they are.

          BTW, abortion is the most profitable service PP offers. Nothing in the history of humanity has been more heinous than the american abortion industry, and you support it.

    • Random. Why the hell are young women going to PP for healthcare? Don’t they know we have, at the cost of trillions, OBAMACARE?
      Have you watched the videos?

      • They do not do mammograms because they can’t afford the equipment. They do referrals and help women who can’t pay to get them free of charge in facilities that have the proper equipment. They most certainly DO perform breast exams. There is a difference in an exam and a mammogram.

        They also do pap smears, and offer contraceptives and counseling.

  4. Defunding PP would cause more abortions. You just can’t reason with conservative swine. Oh, it would put more on the food stamp rolls too.

    • What’s wrong with more abortions? And is killing yet to be born children an really an ethical solution to lowering the participation in the EBT program? In fact, doesn’t the need for it prove that abortion kills a human life? Seems like it’s the liberals who can not reason. Maybe they spend to much time with swine.

  5. The anti-choice people do themselves no favor by putting out cooked video and lying. They have a legitimate position but sully it and turn people away by their constant dishonesty.

    I do not agree with their ideal of taking a woman’s choice about what to do with her body away but realize it is truly heartfelt by many of them. Their argument that once pregnant it is no longer just the woman’s body is ludicrous. I think a woman’s sovereignty over her body is preferable to forcing her to have an unwanted child. They make it difficult for people to edge closer to their viewpoint by saying things that are patently untrue. Their semi-hidden agenda of being against birth control, whether they admit it or not, and trying to take control of end of life issues shows a truer picture of their real agenda. The ‘no abortion, no exceptions’ posture many have recently come to is flat out scary. Regardless of attempts to soften it, they would see your wife, girlfriend, (or both), mother, or daughter die before allowing a medically indicated abortion to take place. Violating this would, in their ideal world, result in long prison terms for her and her doctor.

    I realize this is just too juicy of an issue for these folks to let go. They get a two-fer. It’s a moneyraiser predicated on taking a very personal right away from women and championing ‘children’ (but only before they are born).

    • The pro-abortion without exceptions folk have revealed an even lower threshold to abortion at any cost fanaticism. When they can not rise up to the level of not funding an industry profiting from dealing in the distribution of human tissue, then a reasonable mind must ask just how far the gangrene of abortion without exceptions as a choice has infected the ethical decency of liberal morality.

      Liberals once again find themselves on the wrong side of humanity and compassion. This issue is not a question of choice.

      • Maybe you’re unfamiliar with non profits. Again, the red cross “sells” your blood to hospitals. It’s reasonable for them to collect some fees to cover storage, transport, expensive containers, etc.

      • Folks, heartless gangrenous folks, clamoring for abortion with no exceptions once again find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Abortion is legal in the United States. These are generally the same people that rant against fetal stem cell research. Science and America can’t move backwards quickly enough to suit them. They get plenty of attention around election time.

        The anti-choicers aren’t going to be able to roll us back into something resembling El Salvador. The myriad deaths and other problems caused by alley abortions there is astounding. Young, poor women are disproportionately affected. If the same thing happened here it would be just so some of the sanctimonius wrongies could puff up and feel righteous. Men who would arrogate to themselves the right to tell a woman she has to have a baby are on the wrong side of history, the law and public opinion.

        I will allow that no abortion/no exceptions is the only pure position for the anti-choicers to take. It is also inhumane and shows their lack of compassion for women. It will also never be the law in the United States.

        • Maybe IE, Mrs. Vandyke, and CCO can stir some nut job up enough to kill a viable human who works in a clinic that clearly does not do abortions.

          • Maybe LKB, the Red Cross (per Baghdad Bob) can then vacuum the blood from the dead body and sell it.
            Have you seen the videos?

          • Really Laura? That’s how you try to reconcile this disgusting practice from the world’s largest killer and processor of innocent humans? You’re the one stirring up the killing of innocents humans not me.

    • You are an idiot. So is bob.
      They are not dealing with a woman’s body: They are dealing with the baby’s body, for Christ’s sake. Executing living human beings. If a man is dead when his heart stops beating, is he not alive when it starts beating?

      • Then why don’t they? YSFDA!

        The estimates of unadopted children in the US is estimated to be from 130,000 to in the millions.

        IE himself has adopted thousands of babes and children,…… well fantasy phantom children and babies anyway.

        Sharpie has a houseful of kids nobody wanted.

        Commonnonsense is on at least 10 waiting lists for unwanted children.

        Oh never mind, having them in conservative home where they FUBAR their children like the Duggars have? I take it back.

        • I have taken full responsibility for every life I am responsible for. You trying to make me responsible for the choices of others does not justify the wanton killing and processing of human life by the abortion industry. It just makes you look like a fool with no good argument in his favor.

          So Duggar has the morals of Clinton. How is that related to PP?

          • Ummmm Yeah if you’re going to be a self-appointed moralizing prick who tells other people what to do with their lives and bodies, yeah.

            BTW PP deals in reality you live a fantasy world.

            PPS You, Ron Bacon, Jim Tomes, Rubio, Huckabee, Murodock, Duggars, you’re all the same, creepy jerks.

  6. It is so bad that even Joseph “Joe” Donnelly, Sr., who is the junior United States Senator from Indiana, and won that seat because his opponent, pro life advocate Richard Mourdock would not compromise his belief in the sanctity of human life and bend to the will of the media that tried to get him to condone abortion of an innocent baby conceived as a result of a rape, has now jumped on board to defund Planned Parenthood.

    Joe Donnelly is the worst sort of politician, one who will say anything to get elected. Donnelly will never have the respect that people of conscience show for Richard Mourdock.

    As for the way the media conducted themselves in that election, it is typical of their campaign to advance THEIR AGENDA at any cost!

      • english bob – go to Daily Off Topic Forum dated 08/14 and read my post about the disease you suffer so greatly from: NPD.
        You call me a “compassionate conservative” in jest, but you think that aborting living children, those viable outside the mother’s womb, is acceptable. You are a despicable, sub human. I didn’t capitalize your moniker because you are not worthy of that kind of respect. And, by the way, donated blood is a whole different deal than aborting viable children.

  7. Duck Dynasty boys, the Duggars, every talibangelist ever, Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat, every conservative christian on Ashley Madison and there are hundreds of thousands of them, the Catholic church, Kirk Cameron, Sara Palin. A very short list of charlatans and snake oil salesmen, and dummies of conservative Christianity.

    My favorite story of abortion protesters is the one where three men hand used concrete blocks, locks, and chains wrapped around a car axle to block an abortion clinic. The morons were chanting gibberish in “tongues” The police came and it took them and the fire department several hours to untangle them. However, the locks had been disabled and they couldn’t entirely free the men.

    The police and fire dept finally got fed up with them and carried all three together across he street to the Catholic Church’s parking lot. (which had been supporting the men) and dumped them there.

    It was the middle of winter with snow on the ground. They couldn’t be brought inside because of the blow torches and other equipment needed untangle them. They laid there in the freezing cold for several hours while construction crews work to free them.

    They never came back.

    Justice served.

    • Yep, the child molester Duggar was on the Ashley Madison site. I wonder how fox news will spin that one as some kind of liberal conspiracy.

      • You and BB cheer the mass killing and processing of human life. Forgive me that your Duggar distraction has no ring of sense to it.

  8. dead babies cant take care of themselves…………………………………dead babies cant take things off the shelf…………………….the fascist liberals didn’t want them any way…………………the fascist liberals only wanted to cut out for profit your little heart…………………………………..

  9. Has anyone commenting here who condones the despicable acts talked about in these videos actually SEEN the videos? It’s very much like something the Islamic State would conjure up.

  10. commonsense
    Aug 20, 2015 at 5:15 pm

    Maybe LKB, the Red Cross (per Baghdad Bob) can then vacuum the blood from the dead body and sell it.
    Have you seen the videos?


    You’re right we should release the Newton autopsy pictures and the videos and pictures of all the other gun violence victims dead bodies.

  11. Here’s the bottom line, the sexually repressed, the religious nutbags, the control freaks and the misogynists are against abortion rights(and birth control and many other women’s rights but that’s another debate)

    We are FOR abortion rights within reason but there is no reasoning with you asshats, you’ve even said it yourself, no exceptions.

    Sooooo, when we have a disagreement in this country we go to court(for now).


    YOU LOST, WE WON Bottom line.

    Now you hypocrites are free to express you selective outrage all day and night long, you have that right.

    HOWEVER, any of you SOB’s EVER try to use the force of the government to make my daughter or granddaughters to carry to term you’re gonna have the fight on your life on your hands. It will be like you’ve never seen anything like before, trust me, and it will end badly for you, VERY BAD.

    GOT IT?

    • You also are a greatly disturbed sufferer of NPD. Sucks to be you. We WILL overturn the abortion laws in this country. The tables are finally turning. You will lose.

  12. Brains is certainly right about the fact that abortion rights are the law of the land and you can discuss this for hours on end if you choose and your discussions will not change the law. For my part I am beyond my years of fertility thank you very much and I did dodge the bullet of pregnancy my whole life. Since I did not want to have children, I would have had an abortion due to failure of other birth control methods if I had been in that circumstance. I underline the fact that abortions are the smallest % of the health care that Planned Parenthood offers. I have known many women who needed PP’s services due to lack of other health care options and were very grateful to have PP to count on. It is amazing to me how much misinformation is being kicked around to no apparent good. As long as things stay peaceful in this protest, that is certainly the right of those who do not agree with PP. But we all know that there have been murders committed in other similar situations when Drs and other PP employees have been held at gun point and more. Bottom line is that it is my body and my choice, not yours. You do not have a right to regulate that. You do well to monitor your own body and self. Stay away from me. The law protects my right to self.


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