UPDATE: IS IT TRUE? February 9, 2012 PART 2 “The Meltdown of the Democrats Continues”


The CCO recently received the following statement from Mayor Winnecke’s Chief of Staff, Steve Schaefer:

Regarding the below post this morning, I wanted to let you know that I did receive a message from Ms. Caine yesterday (Wednesday, February 8th) regarding her offer to make a comment pertaining to the investigation.  Her offer was forwarded to the Evansville Fire Department, who is handling the investigation.


IS IT TRUE? February 9, 2012 PART 2 “The Meltdown of the Democrats Continues”

IS IT TRUEthat Evansville City Councilwoman Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley has supplied the CCO with a copy of a portion of her bank statement that reflects that she paid personally in the amount of $24.50 to the Maingate Bar for whatever food and drink that she enjoyed at the January 23rd after party that followed the City Council meeting?…that this amount is quite consistent with a few drinks and a meal?…that based on this and her words we accept the fact that Councilwoman Riley did not accept drinks and food from the Indianapolis based consultant who treated as many City Council members who would let him that night?

IS IT TRUE that the statements made by three people all swearing to have honest knowledge of what Al Lindsey was drinking that night are inconsistent?…that Councilman Jonathan Weaver’s statement said that Lindsey was drinking “Curt John Specials” which consist of vodka, orange juice, cranberry juice, and club soda?…that Councilman John Friend, CPA who made no statement has told us face to face that he was drinking Curt John Specials?…that Weaver’s statement was clear that Al stuck with one kind of drink all night?…that Ted Miller, who was at the table stated that Lindsey was drinking Jim Beam (whiskey) straight up but the bartender’s statement was that Lindsey had “Beam & Sprite”?…that of the 5 people interviewed that three of them swear that Lindsey was drinking three different kinds of drinks?…that the only thing that these conflicting statements proves is that the witnesses against Captain Lindsey were apparently so impaired in their observation that they saw three different things?…that thus far the mass and rapid consumption of 46 portions of alcohol by the Democrat City Council members and their friends is the only thing that seems certain?

IS IT TRUE that there was a table of people from Indiana Smokefree Communities at the Maingate that night that included Martha Caine, Director?…that Ms. Caine stated to the CCO that she was not asked to provide a statement by the EFD investigator?…that she also told us that she contacted Mayor Winnecke’s Chief of Staff Steve Schaefer volunteering to make a statement about what she saw and heard?…that the call for Martha and her friends to make sworn statements never came?…that this odd practice of only interviewing known hostile witnesses makes this investigation look more suited for Guantanamo Bay than for an EFD tribunal that will determine if a distinguished career will be terminated over conflicted and exclusively hostile information?

IS IT TRUE that the Mole Nation is unanimous that hell is getting ready to reign down on the Vanderburgh County Democrat Central Committee?…that come high noon on Friday when the filing deadline for the 2012 primaries has passed between 3 and 6 resignations will be tendered?…that these will be marquee names who may be seen as the poster children for the infighting, bickering, backstabbing, and malaise that the Vanderburgh County Democrat Central Committee has been known for during the past 8 years?…that we also have it on good authority that the Bauer Haus has STILL NOT BEEN PAID FOR THE CHICKEN?

IS IT TRUE that the City County Observer is seriously considering starting a legal expense fund so that Al Lindsey will have the resources to defend himself against Kangaroo Court and political retribution that he has been subjected to?…that this can’t be the first time that a fireman has been fingered for consuming alcohol on duty?…that we call upon anyone who has knowledge of such events to come forward and state what was the action and what was the consequence?…that in cases like this precedent should be followed because there is no place in a system of justice for political retribution or emotion?

IS IT TRUE that a very derogatory comment was made with regard to the CCO and even flatly accused us of making up the story about the receipt from the Maingate?…that our response is that if you EvansvilleTruth will reveal your real name we will bet you $1,000 that we can produce a copy of the receipt that was used by the EFD tribunal that decided that Captain Lindsey should be terminated?…that we of course cannot guarantee that the receipt that they were given by the Maingate accurately reflects the consumption of the group of revelers on January 23, 2012?


  1. Maybe the State Democrats are finally going clean up the disloyal rogue Democrat local party officers that oppose their own candidates. They will have lots to do in Vanderburgh County.



    • Wow! The link to today’s Clark County article may show what Mr. Long and the State Democrats plan for Mr. Owen’s local back-stabbing Central Committee:

      CLARK COUNTY — Clark County’s Democratic Party leadership has petitioned to kick five people out of precinct committee positions in the wake of November’s general election.

      The once dominant party in the county has seen its position slip in the last two elections. Democrats for the first time in recent history lost the majority on the Jeffersonville City Council to Republicans and the city also has a Republican mayor for only the second time in more than 60 years.

      Five Democratic precinct officers were petitioned for removal following a committee meeting in January. Those individuals included three precinct chairmen: Jeff Aaron, Tom DeArk and Jack Vissing, as well as two vice chairwomen, Kay Ledbetter and Donna DeArk. Democratic Party Chairman Rod Pate said all of the individuals were removed for supporting candidates outside of the Democratic party during the general election.

      “These are party rules,” he said. “Anybody can work for anybody, but you can’t [do it and] be a precinct committee person.”

      While he added that a person can support whomever they wish as a candidate, if they are serving as a party committee member they are precluded from campaigning for another party’s candidate.

      “They are familiar with the party rules,” he said.

      Pate said Vissing was removed for having a fundraiser for now-Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore, a Republican; Aaron and Ledbetter were removed for supporting Charlestown Republican Mayor Bob Hall; and Tom DeArk and his wife, Donna, were removed for writing letters of support for two Republican Clarksville Town Council candidates.

  2. Where do I sign up? I will donate to Al’s fund in a heartbeat.
    If he’s guilty of anything, it’s underestimating just how evil his enemies are. Disgusting.

    • Ditto. Count me in. Destroying that man’s entire career for political revenge is beyond evil.

      • It is Evil….what Evansville, IN, is known to do….I’ve been through that before with some 30 year Stalking Bitter Betties….I don’t even see these nuts…I do get “strange” phone calls every so often: intimidation is their way: they call it “power play” I call it: they are just Evil nasty nuts…..I’ve been offered High Paying Careers out of town, and don’t need the Bitter Betties….so, yes, that is the Evansville, IN, specialty…they do it SWIFT and Evil……they want to Change your Career and Money making SWIFT to ‘show who is boss’….cRaZy white trash is what they are..Our town is Better than that! We have the People, get out of the way and let the GOOD folks in town, show you how things are done, really! Good Growth with Job expansion is one area!

    • Are you seriously interested in donating money to someone who took an oath as a representative of the people and not three weeks later knowingly LIED and said he drank Mt. Dew? Did you contribute to Clinton’s fund when he knowingly LIED to you and said that he did not have sexual relations with that woman? I don’t care what a guy or gal does in their free time, but he showed his lack of respect for you and I as fellow citizens the second he lied about his actions. He showed his concern was for himself and not the people he took an oath to represent. If he gets fired it won’t be because he drank alcohol, it will be because he lost the ability to be trusted. Your money is better spent on your own family, or for that matter, your own Curt John’s special.

      • I will donate money. The testimonys against Lindsey are from people that have been completely against him from day 1!! What about the other customers in the bar? What do they sat? Oh wait… Nobody knows because they were NOT asked to make a statement.

        Why is an Arson investigator doing this investigation? What does this have to do with Arson? What credentials does Howard have for this type if investigation? He chose who to interview; not everyone that was there!!

        This is definetly not justice.

  3. Is it true….
    That Missy Mosby has been using the City Council parking spot at the Civic Center as her own personal parking spot while working her shift at the Main Gate!
    Those parking spots are for City Council members to use when yet are AT the Civic Center for City Coucil business ONLY, not for personal use!!!

  4. It does seem Al Lindsey is being frog-marched out the door with insufficient due process.

    He will get his day with the Merit Commission and perhaps have the discipline reduced to an unpaid suspension.

    I for one would donate to the legal fund, but would prefer to donate cash. Missy and the Maingate gang of six don’t take kindly to those who don’t take kindly.

  5. What about David Mosby????

    He has done nothing but drink himself to death for the past how many years and not ONE person EVER filed against him.

    Ridiculous! Let Councilman Lindsey and his family go of this embarrassing situation and back to life. This happens everyday to our Democrat politicians, why start now?

    At least state party is going to take care of our leadership and maybe we can get some real party leadership…like Rick Davis.

    • When your friends or family are injured or killed in a fire or your tax dollars go to pay a law suit filed against our city because someone was intoxicated on the job will you still say, “But David Mosby did it first?” That’s not good enough for me and I assume it’s not good enough for our neighbors either. If anyone in our many public service departments are witnessing abuse of power or negligence they should report it and help get any hidden messes cleaned up. That includes you, ConservativePurpleAce.

      • I agree that (if guilty of drinking while on duty) he should get whatever consequence any other fireman would get (or has gotten) for the same offense. I question whether or not he is guilty considering those who testified against him, their suspect agenda, their inconsistient testimony, and those who were NOT asked/allowed to testify.

  6. Why is it that the only people Howard interviewed are the people that are against Mr. Lindsey? Seems ONE sided to me.

  7. Now the democrats have dragged down the new mayor and his new fire chief too! This was a one-sided affair and all they did was interview Lindsey’s enemies. That is not justice and our new mayor is making a mockery out of the merit system.

  8. Oh my, where to begin.

    Let me start with the statement by you that I made a “derogatory” remark about you. The definition of derogatory is making something or someone feel less than they are. If you are going to throw out the allegations that you have, not only about this case against Mr. Lindsey, but for the hundreds of articles where you accused elected officials of malfeasance and other illegal acts, then you are proverbially the “pot calling the kettle back”! Gee, you have been so proud and puffed up over your term “sneagle” that if someone called you a hack it would probably be a compliment in your book.

    Next, I love how you practice censorship and selective article comments. I notice that you have suppressed my comments on the other article where it states my comment was “awaiting moderation”. What is the matter, are you afraid that my comment will have people second-guessing the veracity of your article and your assertions about your so-called “facts” of what happened. I find it hilarious that you want to bet $1,000 on a comment that you are terrified of allowing people to even see!

    I will once again point out that your unreasonable apparent and blind hatred towards certain members of City Council just show that you are biased against certain office holders. Let me point out what the definition of bias is: “Prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair”. You should consider putting that definition in your banner, because the current phrase of being “dedicated to the progress of the region” is a joke! You are more interested in tearing apart the character of elected and appointed officials you disagree with, and I dare you to prove your mission of dedication to “progress”.

    We should now “examine” the current article you find so amusing in your characterization of a “meltdown of the Democrats”. We’ll start with your paragraph about “three people all swearing to have honest knowledge” of what Mr. Lindsey drank. You do realize how pompous you sound on a regular basis, don’t you? Three different people have given their opinions of what they THINK they observed Mr. Lindsey drinking would have little to no weight in most circumstances. If you observe a person drinking a clear liquid served from behind the bar, is it tap water, vodka, or moonshine? The entire paragraph is a scientific joke! Jim Beam is whiskey, which would be dark amber in color. The allegations you make would have him drinking something that ranges in color from dark amber to varying degrees of a light red color (cranberry juice, or whiskey and a diluting agent like Sprite or club soda). Yet Mr. Lindsey stated that he was drinking Mt. Dew, which is a very light yellow in color. The combinations of liquor in your article would have a difficult time of arriving at light yellow.

    Furthermore, this same paragraph is a prime example of putting the blame on witnesses and using half-baked and unsubstantiated comments with nothing to back them up, and you are doing a fine job of “blaming” bystanders. On one hand you outline the testimony of three people with “honest knowledge”, but then go on to state that their perceptions (or as you apparently believe, incorrect) are caused by being “impaired”. How droll. I guess when you are out in public dining with others that you can state with 100% accuracy everything that others are your table consumed. So if I give you a pop-quiz on dinner you had in public two weeks ago you can tell me EVERYTHING consumed by every person at your table, and if you cannot do so that you are so “impaired” that your honesty and integrity are questionable?

    Next we should examine your “inquisition” of the investigation and the tactics used to look into this matter. You make the leap of faith and logic that this investigation was done with “conflicted and exclusively hostile information”. All you do by making statements like that is show how your website is written by YOU using “conflicted and exclusively hostile information” on the part of your editorial staff! You cannot deny that you would be calling for the head of our previous Mayor (and accusing him of your usual diatribe of unsubstantiated ethical allegations) for allowing an “EFD tribunal” from “Guantanamo Bay”. What a bunch of hypocrites you are! You attempt to discredit every person that was with Mr. Lindsey by stating they were “impaired”, but you sure appear to want to put a lot of credit in 2nd (or 3rd) hand testimony from bystanders at another table! Were they drinking? Did they consume alcohol? If so, how much and over what period of time? Have we seen their receipts?

    Speaking of receipts, it appears that you claim to be in possession of a copy (or a re-crated copy) of the receipts from this gathering. If so, why have you not scanned and splashed this all over your website like you did the Convention Bureau gathering from last you? You were puffed up and pleased with your website for that, so what is the reason you have hidden this receipt?

    “Kangaroo Court”? “Political Retribution”? Once again, your bias is showing! You clearly have an agenda against duly elected members of the City Council, and it is obvious to everyone that your “witch hunt” is focused on Democrats! I find it appalling and disgusting that you smear the Democrats who were there, but say nothing about the current Evansville administration and the EFD Chief who are in charge of this investigation. And let me be clear: I have nothing but respect and due regards for the current Evansville administration, including the Chief of EFD. But you would be howling and screaming and moaning if the previous Mayor had done exactly how our current Mayor has addressed this situation. The Mayor has done nothing wrong, but considering how many times you disparaged the last Mayor over things and issues and people who he expected to handle running City government, it is a joke that you attempt to discredit ONLY members from the Democrat Party when you want and rave.

    In conclusion, you and I both know that you do not have the guts to post this! You suppressed my comments from yesterday, and I expect that you will continue to censor and be a coward on my comments above. You are terrified that your little house of cards and trumped-up outrage over this gathering are just a further method for you to smear City Council members you disagree with.


    • Post made 2/8/12 by “EvansvilleTurth”

      CCO should be ashamed of the half-truths and innuendo from this posting. I guess the old adage that if you do not have all the facts you just make something up holds true for this website?

      Your “article” states you had the “privilege” of viewing THE bar bill (emphasis added) from the night of 01/23/2012, but then turn around and make a passing comment that the receipt was “also dated February 1″. Which lie are you peddling?

      Furthermore, if the receipt was time-stamped as you state, then how can you even begin to explain your baseless allegations that a receipt with a time of 2:29 PM is anything other that your fuel for a witch-hunt? Per the City Council website “City Council meets Monday evening at 5:30 p.m. in Room 301 of the Civic Center”. So a receipt dated over a week later and 3 hours prior to the scheduled meeting is supposed to prove what?

      And if you try and say that the receipt was “re-printed” from the bar, that is even more laughable. I’ll wager that you cannot find 5 or more bars that can spontaneously re-print a receipt from more than a week ago in Vanderburgh County? If you want to play like Woodward & Bernstein than give us the copy of the ORIGINAL receipt.

      It should come as no surprise to anyone on here that this entire mess just gives the CCO an excuse to continue to bash anyone from the Democratic party. You have exposed your bias long ago, but I watch the website to give you a pity laugh at the way you lean.

      I know Al, and he made a serious mistake in not going back to work as soon as the City Council meeting was over, and he should be punished for that. Perhaps if you wanted to display real journalism you would get a copy of the EFD/City of Evansville “employee handbook” and show what that actually says about employee misconduct. You readily publish PDF files, so why not show us what the guidelines are for Evansville EFD employees?

      The biggest thing that I think is wrong is that Al is an emergency services employee as a fire fighter, and I do not care if he only had a single sip of an alcoholic beverage, if he consumed alcohol he should have NEVER punched back in for work. Be betrayed the public trust when he did that, and potentially put the public and his fellow fire fighters in danger. But if his record after 26 years is as spotless as has been alleged, then I have to opine that without proof that he made any errors during the remainder of his shift, how can he be terminated from EFD?

      Journalism, CCO! Your slanting of the truth by basing so much on something that would never see the light of day in legal circles is pitiful.

      • Pay no attention to EvansvilleTurd. This is a shill that is trying to keep the city council from being hauled in for questioning for taking bribes from that guy that paid the tab and having to testify about whether or not they talked business. Turd and the Council are due for a good whooping.

    • You seem awfully defensive, more so than just a regular person reading a news article. My guess is that you must have a stake in this fiasco. Were you there that night? Are you the “citizen complaint”?

      • FloodGate

        No, I simply enjoy a good debate, and I enjoy calling out hypocrisy on the part of the CCO. I have done the same thing with Courier & Press.

        For the record:

        I was not there
        I have never been to the MainGateBar
        I am not related or employed with anyone involved
        I am not related or employed with City Administration

        All that interests me is that the correct story is portrayed. I am appalled at what I think is a continued effort by the CCO to “slant” the news and pick a fight with the local Democrat Party.

        The CCO spent a lot of time feigning outrage over everything the previous Mayor did. Nothing Mayor Weinzapfel did would make the CCO happy, and they exhibited what could only be considered glee at every opportunity they had to talk negative at what he did. So color me NOT amazed that in this time of a new Mayor of a different party that the CCO has now switched tactics to finding other ways to sow the seeds of discontent by accusing different Democrats of some sort of malfeasance. I double-dog-dare them to disagree that if the previous Mayor had handled this investigation the same way as this one is being handled that they would have been shouting from the rooftops that the Mayor was doing something “sneagle” in big and bold headlines!

        PS: For the record:

        I am not related to or have I ever been employed by the prior or current Mayor!

          • Sigh…that is the cross I bear. I do not totally disagree, but rather contend that I am simply passionate about things I feel strongly about.

  9. PS: You cannot have it both ways, CCO! You want a fair investigation, but you called the fact-gathering by the EFD Chief a “tribunal” and a “Kangaroo Court”. That is a thinly-disguised insult to the EFD Chief and Mayor by calling their information and decision making into question, while at the same time laying the blame of all of this at the feet of City Council members who are a Democrat. As stated, the definition of “derogatory” is “showing a critical or disrespectful attitude”, and I dare you to defend your allegations and how they reflect on the Evansville administration! You are mocking the EFD Chief and how he has handled this, which by extension is a mockey of the Mayor (since he appointed the EFD Chief), but then in the same paragraph you state that you “cannot guarantee that the receipt that they were given by the Maingate accurately reflects the consumption of the group of revelers on January 23, 2012”. You portray the CCO has some pious upholder of truth and justice in how Mr. Lindsey has been treated by City Council Democrats. Where is your outrage over how the EFD Chief and Mayor have handled this? Where is your shock and indignation over how Evansville and the current administration have handled this? Why are you not crying aloud over the morality of City leadership who have handled this investigation? The City Council members are not leading this examination of the night in question. If you think what I wrote about you is “derogatory”, then why censor it so nobody can see what I wrote. Or is it just easier to slander me with the same method of innuendo you use to sit as judge, jury, and executioner of fairly elected members of the City Council.

    IS IT TRUE that you cannot have your cake and eat it too? IS IT TRUE that my comments are logical and clearly point out the fallacy of your “kangaroo court” insanity?

    • State your name and accept the $1,000 bet that we offered you in today’s IS IT TRUE. IS IT TRUE that EvansvilleTurth can’t handle the Truth and is afraid to take our bet or reveal their name?

    • First, what is “Turth?”. Second, where is EvansvilleTurth’s anger that Missy Mosby is a puppet for the folks trying to get the Kunkel hotel sham shoved down our throats? Her campaign treasurer is Kunkel’s attorney and her buddy was the benefactor of the now infamous Maingate gathering. I think this should be the real story.

  10. My, my, my. Has the CCO become sensitive? Are you scared of constructive criticism? Or are you just hypocrites?

    Per YOUR website from 08/10/2011

    “We have added two more features to the website due to recent requests from our readers. There is a link at the top of the site for a new “Mole Messenger” feature. This allows readers to submit sensitive news information anonymously under your own mole # alias. We will continue to vet and confirm each piece of information submitted, but this tool should allow our readers to get more involved without outing their personal identities”

    I think most would agree that your taunts to me are nothing short of childish. You go out of your way to encourage “moles” to send you info, and you clearly were encouraging people to send you “dirt” for the last 8 years, but when someone points out the hypocrisy of your vendetta against certain members of the City Council while ignoring the current Evansville administration, you get all high and mighty and start “betting” people to reveal their identity.

    You should have the decency to at least be embarrassed over calling me “chicken”. That comment is 100% two-faced by you! Your link under “Mole Nation” asks people to send info you to “discretely”, and that you are “most interested in information that leads to improvements in public policy”, and you go on to say *We WILL NOT share any IP addresses, personal identity information, or any details that the reader specifies to omit”

    Since I have rattled your chain about this topic, your “journalistic professionalism” tells you the best way to respond to constructive criticism is taunt and call me names? Wow! I have submitted dozens, maybe hundreds, of comments to local and national news organizations before under my same screen name, but I have never had any of them throw down a wager to encourage me to give up my anonymity! For a website who stresses how much “better” they are from other news organizations, I bet you are so proud of yourself for trying to provoke me.

    Perhaps your readers should wonder if you will live up to your word that you “WILL NOT” share information we choose to omit.

    Or is that promise only to those people who operate on innuendo and provide you with baseless and unfounded accusations you agree with? I have to wonder how safe we all are from you prying into our identity if you chose to disagree with us.

    Calling someone a “chicken” when we use the 1st Amendment right to Free Speech is shameful on your part. Would you like to apologize now, or do you want to keep calling people names under the auspices of “news”?

    I never knew the price of freedom was as cheap and tawdry as $1,000 for an editorial staff.

    • You openly made the incorrect claim that we made up the story about the receipt there Turth. Want to come out of the closet and make it $5,000?

  11. I’ve loved reading the CCO over the past year, but I have to agree: The editor of a publication betting money that a commenter won’t out himself/herself? It’s unprofessional at best, and comes off as slimy at worst.

    You’re better than that. Please don’t let this place start circling the drain.

    • We bet that we could produce a receipt that the poster said we did not have. The other stuff we do not concern ourselves with.

  12. Dear Editorial Staff

    Please refer to your article dated March 8, 2011 written with the title “Judge Rules that Anonymous Posters are Subject to Disclosure and Legal Liability”.

    You wrote that “This ruling will have no effect on the day to day political banter among posters who disagree but will pierce the veil of secrecy that anonymous posting has provided for false and damaging posting”.

    If you wish to allege that something I wrote yesterday or today is “false” or “damaging”, then please illuminate all of us. You are the source of commentary that the current investigation into event from 01/23/2012, calling it a “kangaroo court”, “political retribution”, a “tribunal”, and that witnesses to the event were “impaired” by alcohol to the degree that their testimony was “conflicting”. You went out of your way to state that testimony gathered was “only” from “hostile witnesses”, and that the investigation was “more suited for Guantanamo Bay” and comprised of “conflicted and exclusively hostile information”, and I am pretty confident that Evansville leaders (and most especially the Mayor and EFD Chief) would not appreciate being characterized that way. I am also pretty sure that they would feel that they were diligent and impartial in their investigation.

    Seems to me that your statements would lead many people to think that you disagree with the actions of Evansville leaders, and you appear to be doing a pretty good job of “character assassination” of City Council members (or at least the ones that are Democrat) as well as the Mayor and Chief of EFD.

    Care to explain?

    • This has a decidedly legalese flavor to it. That sort of narrows the field now, doesn’t it.


  13. Dear “editor”

    Let me review and re-state what I posted yesterday. I accused you of innuendo in the current story.

    I wrote that your story stated you had the “privilege” of viewing THE bar bill (emphasis added) from the night of 01/23/2012, but then turn around and make a passing comment that the receipt was “also dated February 1″. I continue to contend that unless you had access to the bill from 01/23/2012, then a bill post-dated to 01/23/2012 (but apparently printed on 02/01/2012 at 2:29 PM, which is 10 full days later), that your story lacked veracity. I can state clearly that I called into question whether you had a copy or had seen the ORIGINAL bar bill. I continue to feel strongly that a receipt dated over a week later and 3 hours prior to the scheduled meeting is hardly a basis for the CCO to accuse City Council members of malfeasance and on some sort of vendetta against Mr. Lindsey.

    The investigation was performed at the behest of the Mayor and the EFD Chief. It is irrelevant where the source of accusations come from. The only question a journalist should ask is whether the investigation was done impartially by a fair abritator, and your statements that you had seen a “copy” of the bar bill that was appartently “re-printed” does not pass the smell test in regards to the accuracy of the allegations against Mr. Lindsey. I did not question your viewing of the bill, I questioned your ginned-up outrage over a “copy” of the bill from 10 days later. Your words were that you saw what was “represented” to have been a “copy” of the bill, and I simply pointed out that unless you saw the original, that I questioned what EXACTLY it was that you saw

    For the record: You stated that you saw the “represented” copy of the bar bill. When the ECVB Board wine story occurred you not only called out for the ouster of the entire ECVB, but you posted a link to a copy of the ORIGINAL itemized bill. Not a copy, no a re-print from 10 days later, you saw and posted the original receipt! I stand firm that my original comment that you censored for over 24-hours was a comment against you having access to the original receipt.

    In conclusion, once CCO readers review my original comments on this topic they can see that I did not state you did not lack a copy of the bill. I simply pointed out that you never had access or a copy of the ORIGINAL bill, and without that you really did not have anything!

    PS: Calling a reader “chicken” and attempting to bribe their name is a new low for the CCO

    • For the last time Turth, we have the same bill that was accepted as correct by the EFD Investigator. If it is good enough to be used as evidence it should be good enough for you. Do you really doubt the validity of what the Maingate gave the EFD Investigator? We did not attempt to bribe you. We have every intention of collecting on this bet if you step up and take it.

    • Hey, why can’t you say your piece in a sentence or two like everyone else. You know the darn thing is real but are just trying to take up space. Why don’t you go back to the Courier you long winded buffoon.

  14. has anyone addressed that John Friend was given stock in Maingate because Curt John and BJ Watts as well as Greg Elpers in return for free accounting for a year for Maingate, and that Missy Mosby, BJ Watts, Troy Tronatta, and John Friend all had their campaign fundraisers at the maingate? But I’m sure there was no buisness discussed

    • Connie is a chameleon. Two months ago she endorsed a republican and today she is a democrat with a capital D?? Two years ago she eas “her brother’s keeper” and last we she was spouting “we can’t protect everybody”. The only thing Connie never flip flops on is being a self serving ConnieCrat.

      • whichever way the wind blows, the money flows, the greedy go. I especially liked her “rally cry”, as though she wasn’t actually making a hasty retreat before the boot hit her backside…

  15. the rattlers have started to bite themselves at the main snake den ,a couple new ones keep, get rid of the rest. weaver is as bad as mosby bye bye

  16. Any of them who called themselves Democrats, collected campaign monies while wearing that cloak-and signed a public letter supporting a Republican candidate for Mayor? Kindly follow Mr. Owen over the cliff.

    • Can anyone provide a list all the people who signed the letter of support for Winnecke?

      Boycott the MainGate!

      • Pappa….

        I’m sure the CCO has the list, if I remember correctly it was 23 people including most every local elected democrat you can think of from Eric Williams to JW himself, the two exceptions I remember were Doc Adams and of course Rick Davis…


      • Papa, Bubbageek posted it in the responses to the Feb. 9 article with Ms. Robinson’s picture.

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