House Republicans: Growing Indiana’s Economy‏

Senate Enrolled Act (SEA) 1 Signed Into Law

House Speaker Brian Bosma joined the Governor as he signed SEA 1  into law, improving Indiana’s pro-business tax climate. House Republicans have championed multiple tax cuts  and joined with  Senate leaders to find common ground on a series of tax cuts in the 2014 legislative session.SEA 1  provides counties the option to exempt new investments on business equipment from the personal property tax, to grant small businesses a personal property tax exemption or to give extended abatement to select projects. Additionally, the legislation lowers the state’s corporate income and financial institutions tax rate to 4.9 percent by 2022, giving Indiana the second lowest  business tax rate in the country when fully phased in.

“Indiana must continue to be innovative and look for every opportunity to stay ahead of the competition. By providing additional certainty to major employers and by offering counties additional options to attract new jobs, our state’s economy will be stronger,” said Speaker Bosma.

House Republicans advocated incorporating local options into SEA 1. Local options give counties the opportunity to exempt the tax, based on their specific community needs. 

The 2014 legislative session has adjourned with House Republicans continuing their track record of delivering on the promises they set in their legislative agenda.  In addition to their legislative agenda of education, cutting taxes, eliminating  red tape, improving infrastructure and equipping our workforce, House Republicans focused on economic development legislation that would most directly benefit Hoosiers all over the state of Indiana.House Republicans will be launching a series of videos and audio episodes highlighting the “Unsung Hero Bills of the 2014 Legislative Session”. Many of these bills will have a vast impact on Indiana, but did not receive much attention. In this week’s video, representatives from the House Republican caucus discuss a few pieces of legislation pertaining to issues of economic development that will promote the growth of Hoosier  communities.


  1. …..

    Aaaah… I love it when the GOP focuses on pro-business, low taxes and efficient government.

    And NOT on the bigoted whims of the Westboro Baptist christians so frequently posting here at the CCO.

  2. An anemic RTW economy. Better pick which Lord you’re going to swear to. “Pro business environment” is code for we’ll make it easy for you to rape the little guy and the environment at the same time.

    • Highest ranking state for well being is North Dakota. Lowest unemployment is North Dakota. Highest wage growth in the country is North Dakota. North Dakota is a RIGHT TO WORK state. Please stop making excuses for a workforce that has little to offer and an entitlement state of mind. If you have talent like Marsha’s hi-tech computer people you unions are not needed and RTW is irrelevant. If on the other hand you have little or no skill and a bad work ethic unions are a crutch to lean of and RTW keeps you from using unions to rape your employer.

      • Let’s be clear.

        That North Dakota is a “right to work” State has nothing to do with the high rates of growth points your are making.

        Those rates are high for two reasons only:

        1. New technologies allow more oil and gas to be extracted out of the ground in North Dakota creating new jobs and higher incomes.

        2. Very few people lived in North Dakota before this energy technology was deployed. So…all of the growth stats are high when you are working off a baseline population that was so low to begin with.

        Those numbers have nothing to do with your diatribes against unions.

        • The fallacy of affirming the consequent strikes again! You would think they would learn after awhile.

          • ….

            That’s funny. Yoda does not deny one bit the RTW argument was total BS.

            • No I do not. My comment was in jest because Ghost always spews hate toward RTW for all the ailments in the world like unions are the castor oil of his generation. I was just fighting BS with BS. Oil and gas are powering North Dakota. Unions are not needed for jobs to pay well and RTW had nothing to do with the geological activity that put the goo there in the first place.

          • That’s all true Mr. Yoda…points taken.

            That being said, free markets are exactly that….business is free to organize as it sees fit, and labor is free to organize and bargain as it sees fit.

            And if a union wishes to negotiate for higher wages, in the free society of the US, THAT is w/in the union’s right. Just as it is business’ right to negotiate on it’s own behalf.

            I don’t think you are advocating to make unions illegal. It would be unconstitutional to make them illegal.

            I think perhaps your point is mandatory enrollment by employees in the union should not be legal…NOT that unions themselves should be outlawed.

      • Shale oil/gas boom, as well. They pay people to go there.

        Basically its a boom town bubble mess when its does bust it’ll be real ugly.

  3. But Indiana turned down the adoption tax credit for the fifth year in row, the ONLY state in the union not to have one. But HOOZERLAND stills boasts of the largest fetus fetish chapters.

    Right to life Bawk! Right to life Bawk! Right to life Bawk! Right to life Bawk!

    Bawk, Bawk, Bawk, Bawk AAAAAAAAAACK!

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