Democrat Erik Hurt Announces That He’s Running For Vanderburgh County Auditor


Democrat Erik Hurt To Announces That He Will Be Running For Vanderburgh County Auditor 

Today local theater manager Erik Hurt announced he is running for Vanderburgh County Auditor. An Evansville native and proud Hoosier he is 2010 honors graduate from Central High School and attended the University of Evansville on a full-ride to study political science. An avid baseball fan, archer, and film buff he has spent the last five years managing for AMC movie theaters and is eager to help serve the community that he loves.

Eroic draws inspiration from his great-grandparents who immigrated from Poland following WW2 in order to find a better life in America and wants to help ensure that his home lives up to the promise and potential that his family risked everything to find. He believes that it is time for a change in Vanderburgh County and that its citizens deserve representatives, “who truly believe in the strength and the power of the American people.” He hopes to help restore faith in our institutions, our democracy, and ourselves and to combat a “culture of misinformation and mistrust that has been cultivated by Republican politicians.”

Erik seeks to use his years of business experience to help bring more efficiency to our local government as well as work to bring more transparency by utilizing modern technology to communicate to the people of Southwest Indiana in a clear and concise way.  He also hopes to use the platform to bring a larger voice for his and younger generations into local politics, urging young voters to make themselves heard, as well as to advocate for the policies and ideas that he believes will help move this community forward such as investing in modernized infrastructure and fighting to bring in jobs in renewable energy to “make this region a hub for powering the country.” 

Erik would like to thank his loving wife Caitlin for all of her encouragement throughout this process as well as his friends and family for their support. He wants to leave voters with a message that they have the power to bring about great change, referencing Kurt Vonnegut who wrote, “Wherever you go there is always a Hoosier doing something important there.” He looks forward to the journey ahead and can’t wait to meet fellow Hoosiers out on the trail and hopes they join him in helping to “build the future.”