County Commissioners June 4, 2013 meeting agend‏a


Vanderburgh County
Board of Commissioners
June 4, 2013
5:00 pm, Room 301

1. Call to Order
2. Attendance
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Permission to Open Bids for VC13-05-01: Street Paving in Keystone Subdivision
5. Action Items
• SWCD/ NRCS Log Jam Presentation: Mark Abell Mark Cambron
• Resolution CO.R-06-13-006: Approving the Execution of an Amendment to the County’s Lease Agreement with the Building Authority Regarding the Centre
• Second/ Final Reading of Co.05-13-005: Wastewater Pretreatment Ordinance
• First Reading of CO.06-13-007: Amendment to Zoning Ordinance
• First Reading of CO.06-13-006: Amendment to Subdivision Control Ordinance
• First Reading of Vacation Ordinance: CO.V-06-13-001: Vacation of 12 Foot Public Utility Easement Located on Lot 2 of Lee Subdivision
• Permission to Advertise Notice of Public Hearing for Vacation of Public Utility Easement in Lee Subdivision
• Contracts, Agreements and Leases
i. Commissioners: Inter-Local Agreement with Evansville Water and Sewer Utility Regarding the Relocation of a Water line on North Green River Road
ii. Coroner: Pathology Services Agreement with Allen Griggs, M.D.
iii. Adult Probation: Home Visit Deputy Agreement with Mark Harrison
iv. Health Department:
• State Indoor Radon Gas Grant Agreement
• Xerox Copy Lease and Maintenance Agreement
6. Department Head Reports
7. New Business
8. Old Business
9. Public Comment
10. Consent Items
• Approval of prior meeting minutes: May 14, 2013
• Employment Changes
• Commissioners:
i. Notice to bidders of Sale of County-owned property
• 422 Garfield Ave.
• 212 W. Virginia St.
• 418 420 Garfield Ave.
• 1011 Adams Ave.
• 3 Poplar Dr.
• 1218 S. Linwood
ii. Corrective Quit Claim Deed: 734 E. Riverside
iii. Transfer Request: Burdette Park
• Auditor: May 2013 A/P Vouchers
• Sheriff:
i. Request to surplus 1998 Ford Taurus for disposal
ii. Request to Transfer 2001 Ford Taurus to Area Plan Commission
• County Engineer:
i. Pay Request No. 176 for TIF Projects in the amount of $58,538.33
ii. Department Head Report
• Burdette Park: Request to Surplus two busses
• Ozone Officer April 2013 Monthly Report
• IBAP Gatekeeper April 30, 2013 Report
• Weights and Measures April 16- May 15, 2013 monthly report
• County Treasurer
i. April 2013 Monthly Report
ii. April 30, 2013 Year-to-date investments report
• Evansville ARC April 2013 Report of Activities
11. Rezoning
• First Reading of VC-8-2013
Petitioner: Tim Rich of Houchens Properties
4910 & 4800 Heckel Road
Change from Ag to C-2 with UDC

• First Reading of VC-7-2013
Petitioner: Altstadt Plumbing Service
2118 Harmony Way
Change from R-1 & C-4 with UDC to R-1

• First Reading of VC-9-2013
Petitioner: Two Kins Investments
2624, 3700, 3708 and 3800 Heckel Road (E. of 3800 Heckel Road and behind 3618 Heckel Road)
Change from R-1 to R-3
12. Adjournment