Battery by Bodily Waste arrest‏


Evansville Police arrested 20 year old BRENT CAULER on multiple charges after they responded to a disorderly conduct call. The person who called 911 said CAULER was going berserk.

When officers arrived, CAULER began yelling at them and said he wanted to go to jail. CAULER was told to calm down and to sit on a couch. As soon as he sat down, CAULER jumped back up and lunged at an officer. When officers tried to restrain CAULER, he refused to cooperate. CAULER was placed in handcuffs after a struggle with officers.

When officers tried to take CAULER to a patrol car, he kicked an officer in the knee. After being placed in the back of the car, CAULER tried to kick out a window. When officers were trying to transfer CAULER from the car to the prisoner transport van, he spit on an officer and a patrol supervisor.

CAULER also threated to “hunt down and kill” all of the officers on scene.

CALER was arrested on 11 different counts ranging from Felony Battery by Bodily Waste, Intimidation, and Resisting Arrest.


  1. No details on the assault by Body Waste?!? Did he throw his colostomy bag at someone? Did he have a bm in the officers car and throw his feces at them? How did this assault go down?

    • He spit on the officer. I guess Assault by Body Waste includes any substance from any orifice.

      • If he has AIDS or is a carrier, it’s assault with intent to kill. I walked a shore patrol while in the service, a marine spit on me, I knocked him out with my stick & briged him. Never spit on a guy with a stick and a gun.

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