Andrew McNeil Files Declaration of Candidacy for Indiana’s 8th District Congressional Race‏


(Indianapolis, IN) Andrew McNeil, a resident of Freedom, Indiana
 file documents on January 8th to run in the upcoming May primary 
against Republican Congressman Larry Bucshon. McNeil announced 
on October 8,2013 that he would seek the Republican nomination 
to be the next congressman from Indiana’s 8th district.

McNeil believes it is time to elect new leaders who have the boldness to 
stand for American liberties. “I have decided to run for Congress after 
seeing the nation I love being destroyed from within,” said McNeil. “The 
debt we are placing on our children and grandchildren is, in my mind, 
immoral. This is not the time to make excuses for inaction. It is the 
time to boldly stand for conservative common sense, something Washington 
is in sore need of.”

A 28 year resident of Owen County, McNeil resides in Freedom, Indiana 
with his wife of 19 years, Andrea. Together they have 7 children and own 
a small family farm.

McNeil has been a Territory Manager at a Midwest coffee company for 16 
years and has maintained a small farming business with his family. He 
believes the hardworking people of the United States are the greatest 
engine of economic growth. McNeil recently stated, “Every day it seems 
new regulations are announced that will cripple some new area of our 
economy. I will cut spending wherever I can and I will not vote for 
unconstitutional spending. It is not the government's place to pick 
winners and losers in the marketplace. I will work hard to return power 
to the states, and to the citizens.”

McNeil has been an overseer in his church for many years. He and his 
wife home school their children and teach them the value of hard work 
and to love God, family and country.

If elected, McNeil will vote to repeal Obamacare and will insist on 
Congress balancing its budget. McNeil is a pro-life, Christian 
conservative and a staunch defender of the 2nd Amendment. He feels that 
serving the residents of the 8th Congressional District of Indiana would 
be an honor. McNeil stated, “We need leaders who realize they could have 
the greatest reservoir of resources behind them: the American people.”
For more information about Andrew McNeil and his position on issues 
visit He can also be contacted via 
postal mail at PO Box 36 Freedom, Indiana 47431.


  1. He’d just be another Koch bros puppet like Buschon. What’s the difference?

    • He’d be an even bigger embarrassment to Indiana on the national stage. He’s just another wacko-bird, compulsive candidate. I wonder if Buschon is going to get a real opponent in the primary.

      • How long have you known Mr.McNeil and about his reason for running for office, Laura? You aren’t the type that judges someone without any basis of evidence, are you?

        (I typed that while convulsing with laughter at the ridiculousness of last my question.)

        • I don’t need to know him personally, nor would I want to. His bio is enough to make me know what a loser he is. I can only hope he manages to win the primary. Remember Dick Mourdock???

          • Ah, the bigoted intolerance of the average liberal is always on display with LKB.

          • Not knowing him personally didn’t stop the personal attack did it? So what part of what this “loser” “wacko bird” beliefs do you disagree with? Is it that the national debt is robbing our children’s future? A debt collapse is much more likely to be the cause of the great American apocalypse you’re fleeing. Maybe it’s his small business and small farm experience? Those farmers and entrepreneurs are a dangerous lot. They are up to early and to self sufficient for normal people. Or no, it’s his church involvement and taking responsibility his children’s education. I bet he even believes in the sufficiency of the cross and intelligent design. He may even be one of those loons who believes that live begins at conception and the circumstance of one’s conception does not change one’s humanity. I bet he is even one of those TPers you like to gawk at. Yeah, a very dangerous man. Can you imagine if more true Americans believed like him? We better maintain status quo.

          • Am replying to myself, since there is no “reply” button for IE’s little fit.
            Are you not aware that when people enter the public arena as a political candidate, that person opens his/her life to the judgements of the electorate?
            Not to worry, though. I will likely vote for him – in the primary. It looks like there isn’t going to be a Demo primary, so I’ll just ask for a Republican ballot and help the extremists of the GOP.

          • LKB “Not to worry, though. I will likely vote for him – in the primary.”

            The only reason you can take this low road is because your nominees are chosen for you.

            This crossdreesing is one of the most disgusting traits in politics today. It only shows how weak and trained party hacks are and the lack of confidence they have in their own candidates to win on their merits. I thought you were better than that.

        • There is nothing wrong with having a unified party that doesn’t spend a lot of money on a primary.
          I just choose to do all I can to take Buschon out of the House, and exercising my legal and moral right to vote against him at every opportunity is what I am going to do.
          “Crossdreesing” (sic) can be fun to do on Halloween, and this primary is going to be pretty “halloweenish”.

          • Legal yes, moral no. Sorry, my morals are not low enough to include the “ends justifies the means.” But thanks for checking my homework.

          • Again, unable to reply in correct order. No, IE, you do NOT think I am “better than that.” I recall you jumping to a wrong conclusion and calling me a home-wrecking, church-destroying adultress, a charge purely pulled from your rather disturbing imagination.
            Who are you to judge the morality of someone who disagrees with you? I believe it is my moral duty to do everything within the limits of the law to defeat Rep. Buschon. If you don’t like it, fine, but don’t make “moral” accusations.

          • I jumped to that conclusion because the way you worded the comment caused me to misunderstand you. You said you were living in sin with a minister. I also apologized for it, something I have never seen you do when you attack the size of my congregation and my qualifications as a minister.

            Honestly, I do try to think better of you, I really do and find things I like about you, but things like you being proud of cross-dressing in the primaries keeps reminding me that you are far left to a fault.

            Cross-dressing in the primaries is not a disagreement between two people, and you judging me for judging you is hypocritical. Not only is it an immoral practice, it is also dishonest. The ends do not justify the means no matter how many “moral inside” stamps you put on it.

  2. I’m always glad when “wacko birds” enter the political arena. That means both neo-cons like John McCain AND so-called “liberal” control freaks like a couple of the above commenters choke on their own inadequate philosophies for a while. Makes for a damn good show.

    • The man is a loon, Brad. I do hope he wins the primary, but I don’t even think southern IN righties will take him seriously.
      Btw, did you ever think of any examples of when a “schism” has been a good thing for a political organization?

      • Sure, every political Party that’s ever existed just about began as a splinter, including the Republican Party itself.

        • I meant, and you understand, “a schism that was good for the party it happened in.” Your clever little attempt to avoid the question indicates you have no example.
          So, why are you still piddling around with the fracturing party? You should be out establishing the Libertarians as a major political party, instead of trying to change the GOP from within.
          Here’s a tip: “Libertarian” is already a tainted label, so you may want to find a new name for your party.

          • I respectfully disagree on all counts.

            A schism is better than a wholesale exodus, which is the alternative. The Libertarian Party is populated largely by disgusted former Republicans and, yes, even former Democrats. That Party lacks cohesion on many issues as well, preventing it from presenting as effective of an opposition as it otherwise might.

            The Republican brand is more valuable. I’d rather fight for the more valuable brand and shame those who are destroying the brand from within.

  3. OMG the debt, the debt the debt!!!

    We’re borrowing money at less than 4% fixed for 30 years so let’s cash in assets earning even more than that to pay down that horrible 4% debt. Forget our D-rate infrastructure, forget all the government services people need and want. Let’s slam the brakes to the floor on the economy we can pay down that 4% debt!

    Wile E. Coyote…… Super Genius

    • Great point about the infrastructure. Does nobody else notice how crappy our country is becoming? I wonder if the private sector would just come in and handle it if their taxes were cut?

      I say 1930s style massive public works projects are in order. Don’t like food stamps? Cut off the food stamps and put them to work rebuilding our crappy country. At least we get an asset for the money spent.

      • Seriously Ghost, you actually believe that it is the public sector that pays for the roads you use?

      • A great idea, the WPA and the CCC were one the greatest things ever to happen to this country.!

        (A Georgia Pacific company owned by the Koch Bros. is harvesting millions of trees planted by the CCC of course in conservo world “they earned it”)

        Except who would manage and adminsiter such a labor force!

    • Amazing, by the time Obama’s legal term ends, every citizen will own $75,000 of the national debt and you think it’s great that we are borrowing from Social Security at 4%. So what’s the plan on paying that back? Oh yeah, the rich will pay it.

    • Borrowing right now to do things we need is smart if we can afford it. Borrowing to do things we don’t need or to overpay because of cronyism etc. is dumb as it always is.

      • Which is my point. As long as we spend/invest the money in things that earn more than the total cost of borrowing we come out better, NOT WORSE.

        It seems our TP friends, budget balancers and the American miser society can’t understand this simple concept.

        • Sure, in theory, you are a correct. It doesn’t take brains to understand this simple concept, which is why proponents of such policy parrot the idea as if it were a risk free solution.

          Problem is, reality rarely, if ever, responds ideally to theory.

        • Our debt is not being created by infrastructure spending, defense spending or even $400 hammers. The debt is the result of out of control entitlement spending.

          It seems our OWS budget takers and rich kids can’t understand this simple concept.

    • BB: “Not everything that can be counted,counts,and not everything that counts can be counted”

      “Confusion of goals and perfection of means seems,in my opinion,to characterize our ass.”

      Both quotes from; (Albert Einstein),historical super genius.

  4. I must say, if I visit Owen County, I will be carrying my AR’15 and having my pet goat on a leash to make sure I’m not mistaken for a revenuer.

    Porter Ridge and I actually have a lot in common.

    But I will not be voting for anyone from the county because their local landfill obviously has some brain dead chemicals seething from it.

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