Young Evansville Musician’s Latest Hit Ranks Top 50 on iTunes


Young Evansville Musician’s Latest Hit Ranks Top 50 on iTunes

For Trey Schafer, music has become more than just a hobby, but rather a passion that he hopes one day will lead into a career. “Sometimes, you have to throw practicality out the window and follow your dreams. I have always believed that it is possible to make a living doing something you love, but it takes the courage to jump”, says the Harrison high school senior.

Treys passion for music began back in 4th grade when he received an electric guitar for Christmas, and he has been playing ever since. While being well-rounded, a Valedictorian of his graduating class and a premier varsity basketball player in the city, he says his heart will always belong to music. “It is an outlet for my stress, an escape from the busyness of everyday life, and the only way I know how to truly express myself.”

Trey’s latest song “On Me” can be downloaded from iTunes where it has received enough notoriety to rank #30 among the apps hottest hip hop hits. Trey has always had strong ties to his Southern Indiana roots and it is important to him to gain support from the city in which he grew up. “I take pride in being born and raised in Evansville, often times I will represent the city that has given me so much in my music.”

Keep an ear out for this young artist as he continues to make strides towards his dreams of being a musician.



  1. Thanks CCO for posting this! As a youth in the area, I can connect with articles like this. I appreciate keeping everyone informed about the younger age group. Hopefully we will change and make Evansville and Southwest Indiana a great place to live!

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