With An 8 to 1 Vote, Evansville’s 2019 City Budget Passes

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With An 8 to 1 Vote, Evansville’s 2019 City Budget Passes

Evansville’s City Council had a big task on their hands Monday night.

In front of a packed house at the Civic Center, Council was debating whether to cut money from several non-profits in an effort to cut down on the 2019 budget.

Many local residents showed up in support of those non-profits, arguing against cutting anything from their budgets.

Affordable housing, the Metropolitan Evansville Transit System, and road projects were big topics of discussion.

An amendment to cut METS by $100,000 was mentioned as well as decreasing the affordable housing fund from $500,000 to $100,000, which was not approved.

Council did pass a 2% raise for city workers, but Mayor Lloyd Winnecke along with Justin Elpers and Jonathan Weaver opted to not accept that raise.

After several hours of public comment, Council voted 8 to 1, passing the $395 million budget. Councilman Jonathan Weaver was the only member to vote against the budget, saying the current 2018 budget is already $13 million over budget.


  1. Weaver was the one voice of reason. When will somebody wake up and realize that the city is writing checks their ass can’t cover?

  2. If people could get their noses out of their phones to read/discuss what is going on in the city, they might actually try to vote the yahoos out. But most of the cities denziens are to apathetic to care what is happening to the city and try to vote these people out.


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