Vanderburgh County Board of Commissioners Meeting Agenda

civic center


April 16, 2019

At 3:00 pm, Room 301

  1. Call to Order
  2. Attendance
  3. Pledge of Allegiance
  4. Action Items 
    1. In Memoriam: Ted C. Ziemer, Jr. 
    2. First Reading of Ordinance CO.05-19-005: Amending Title 17 Land Use and Zoning 
    3. Old Courthouse: Lease Agreement with Leslie Eades for Suite 104
    4. Superior Court: Verification Officer Agreement with Kelly Williams 
    5. County Council: Equipment Maintenance Agreements & Toner Supply Purchase Agreements with Business Equipment Distributors, Inc. 
  5. Department Head Reports
  6. New Business
  7. Old Business
  8. Consent Items
    1. Approval of April 2, 2019 Meeting Minutes
    2. Employment Changes 
    3. Request to fill ONEP Vacancy
    4. Appropriation request for ONEP lead position line item
    5. Superintendent of County Buildings: Old Courthouse and Coliseum Roof Repair Quotes
    6. Request to Waive ONEP Fees:
      1. Superintendent of County Buildings: County Property Auction on June 27, 2019
      2. County Clerk: Poll Worker Training for the 2019 Primary and General Elections on April 23-24, April 29-May 3, October 15-16 and October 28-November 1, 2019 
    7. County Auditor: 
      1. Claims Voucher Report 4/1/19-4/5/19 & 4/8/19-4/12/19
      2. Surplus Request for Computer Equipment 
      3. Barrett Law Lien Release: Aabel’s Park: Susan Scarafia & Paul Becker 
    8. Sheriff’s Office: 
      1. 2018 Annual Jail Report 
      2. Leave of Absence Request 
    9. Economic Development Coalition of Southwest Indiana: March 2019 Monthly Report
    10. Travel Requests:
      1. Veteran’s Services  (2)
      2. County Engineer (1) 
    11. County Engineering:
      1. Department Report
      2. Claims
      3. Pay Request #45 University Parkway T.I.F. for the sum of $19,045.90
      4. Pay Request #57 U.S. 41 Expansion T.I.F. for the sum of $45.00
    12. United Neighborhoods of Evansville: March 2019 Monthly Report 
    13. Road Closure Request: The Turning Ponite UMC Pointepalooza 5K on 9/28/19
  9. Public Comment
  10. Adjournment


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