Evansville, IN – Below are the felony cases to be filed by the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor’s Office today.

Steven Howard Goldstein: Criminal confinement (Level 3 Felony), Arson (Level 4 Felony), Battery by means of a deadly weapon (Level 5 Felony), Battery resulting in serious bodily injury (Level 5 Felony), Intimidation (Level 5 Felony), Interference with the reporting of a crime (Class A misdemeanor)

Nicholas Morrison: Operating a motor vehicle after forfeiture of license for life (Level 5 Felony)

Dane Christian Bean: Possession of methamphetamine (Level 6 Felony)

Shaylin Devon Harris: Theft (Level 6 Felony), Attempt Battery by bodily waste (Level 6 Felony), Resisting law enforcement (Class A misdemeanor)

Marvin Gaye Johnson IV: Carrying a handgun without a license (Level 5 Felony), Possession of marijuana (Class A misdemeanor)

Scott Alan McQueen Jr.: Burglary (Level 5 Felony)

Jason Leland Meinhardt: Domestic battery (Level 6 Felony)

Paul J. Lorenz: Counterfeiting (Level 6 Felony), Attempt Theft (Class A misdemeanor)

Mark A. Wills: Attempt Domestic battery by bodily waste (Level 5 Felony), Domestic battery (Level 6 Felony), Attempt Domestic battery by bodily waste (Level 6 Felony)


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