Vanderburgh County Commissioner Looks For Corridor Study Answers


Vanderburgh County Commissioner Looks For Corridor Study Answers

It’s being heralded as the first corridor study done by a metropolitan planning organization and the Indiana Department of Transportation. The Evansville MPO and INDOT are working to make both U.S. 41 and The Lloyd safer and more accessible.

The project started over a year ago and the preliminary reports are set to be finalized within the coming weeks.

During the beginning of this project, Vanderburgh County Commissioner Cheryl Musgrave has been on top of the project. She is now sharing concerns as the pre-planning faze moves forward.

The concerns revolve around a lack of transparency and input from the public. Musgrave says she receives many calls about this project but can’t direct the public to any way they can give feedback.

INDOT says the public feedback faze is down the pipeline. There will need to be more meetings to turn the study reports into projects before INDOT protocol allows for feedback from the public.





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