USI CubeSat Satellite Launches Into Space


USI CubeSat Satellite Launches Into Space

One school in the Tri-State is sending a satellite into orbit. The USI students in the engineering department have partnered with NASA to bring the CubeSat to space.

The undergraduate student instrument project is part of the engineering department at USI. The idea came from doctor Glen Kissel a faculty member at USI who applied for a $200,000 grant to partner with NASA.

One student shared what his experience was like being involved with the project.

USI CubeSat team member Wyatt Helms “The students were actually recruited by the professor on the project and approached by the professor on the project and asked if they would be interested in joining the project and supporting the project to work on it”.

This is the first CubeSat built in the state of Indiana by a public institution.

It launched on SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft today and is making its way to the international space station now.

Upon completing that mission the satellite will launch into orbit around the beginning of 2019.




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