USI Discontinues New Harmony Theatre After 32 Years


The New Harmony Theatre has been a program of the University of Southern Indiana for 32 years. From the beginning, the University wanted to provide professional, equity theatre at an affordable rate to diverse audiences in the region.

However, dwindling audiences and reduced charitable giving to New Harmony Theatre have meant that USI has been funding far more than the program has been able to generate in revenue. Despite several years of efforts to turn this around, these attempts have been unsuccessful. Therefore, USI finds it necessary to discontinue the New Harmony Theatre program. There will not be a summer 2020 season.

This does not impact USI Theatre which, beginning in the spring of 2015, began calling the beautiful, USI Performance Center on campus their home. The community is encouraged to support our talented students and faculty of USI Theatre and their upcoming performances. For information about USI Theatre and the 2020 season visit or contact the box office at 812-465-1635.

This was not an easy decision for the University. USI continues our longstanding and strong connection with Historic New Harmony. New Harmony is a unique educational laboratory where students and teachers, tourists and scholars, leaders and seekers, can come together to experience, explore and create.



  1. When they were a pup and needed a hand up, New Harmony was there for them. Now that they’ve outgrown their pants, they join the pile on. Some University, so to speak. But, they’re asking the state of Indiana to throw them $40 million for a new “student” recreation and athletic center, along with another $10 million for a dormitory. Must be some recreation center! New indoor pool? No doubt!


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