U. S. Post Office and Customs House by Pat Sides


One of the oldest buildings in downtown Evansville is the former U. S. Post Office and Customs House on NW Second Street. Completed in 1879 at a cost of $200,000, this striking example of Ruskinian Gothic architecture endures as a city landmark. Over the decades, it has housed the U. S. Post Office, a Federal Court and Customs House, the U. S. Weather Bureau, and other federal offices.

This photograph was recorded during the initial construction of the building which began about 1873.  Vacated by the federal government in 1969, the building, now known as Old Post Office Place, has since housed a variety of shops, offices, and restaurants.


  1. What was the restaurant’s name and the market’s name that were in there originally? While I had little occasion to frequent the market, we enjoyed the restaurant often, but it’s name escapes me.


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