Tim Ryan Endorses William Tanoos


Tim Ryan Endorses William Tanoos

Evansville, Indiana – Representative Tim Ryan of Ohio’s 13 districts have endorsed William Tanoos, eighth district democratic candidate from Terre Haute.  

“We can win this seat. William is laser-focused on improving life for working people in Southwest Indiana– better health care, more affordable prescription drugs, and fixing our broken political system,” said Ryan in a statement.

Ryan has been serving the people of Ohio since his elections in 2002. In 2016, Ryan made an unsuccessful bid to be Democratic Leader of the House, a bid Tanoos would have supported and would support if elected.

“I am very proud to have earned the support and endorsement of Congressman Tim Ryan. If I were in Congress in 2016, I would have voted for him over Nancy Pelosi as our Democratic leader, and if he decides to run again, he will have my support. That’s because he represents a district much like Indiana’s 8th and is devoted to what the Democratic Party has always stood for: fighting for working men and women, plain and simple. We need fresh, new leadership. And the time is now.”


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