YESTERYEAR: The Trocadero by Pat Sides


The Trocadero, built soon after the flood of 1937 receded, was located near Dade (now Ellis) Park in an area called “no man’s land.” Despite its remote location, the nightclub was one of the most lively entertainment venues in the Tri-State until it closed in 1951 after a federal investigation.

Its reputation as a lavish supper club and gambling casino during the Big Band era attracted huge crowds, including soldiers from Camp Breckinridge, who danced to the live music of Tommy Dorsey, Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, and other musicians. The “Troc,” seen here during remodeling in 1982, also housed a skating rink, antiques store, the Job Corps Center, and other enterprises over the years. On January 8, 1990, the stucco building burned to the ground. (Photographer: Orville Jaebker)


  1. Ah yes – do you have anything on the “Dells” niteclub on waterworks road? Equally as infamous as the “troc”. How about the LST tavern on Franklin St. during its heyday during WWII. Another tavern on Franklin at the same time but cannot remember the name. Then a little later came Park Gables in Henderson.


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