The Public Education Foundation of Evansville, Inc. (PEF) Named North High School 2017 Technology School Of The Year


2017 Technology School of the Year.  A banner for the school was awarded this morning in Mr. Brian Bobbitt’s Principles of Engineering class at the school, located at 15331 Highway 41 N.  This is the second time North has received this recognition from the Foundation – they were PEF’s Technology School of the Year in 2013, as well.

The Technology School of the Year is awarded to a school who shows innovation, creativity and advancement in the use of technology in the classroom.  Schools were nominated through an on-line form that was available on the PEF website for two months prior to PEF’s annual Technology, Innovation and Collaboration Showcase, which took place on Thursday, March 9, 2017 at Ivy Tech Community College.  North had more than 30 nominations from students, parents, and their school’s Principal.

Claire Gardner, a student in Mr. Bobbitt’s Principles of Engineering class said this in her nomination:

“North High School has a very developed and in-depth engineering and technology program. The teacher, Mr. Bobbitt, writes many grants per year to get the money for technology that can help develop the minds of his students. There are sperical robots, multiple 3D printers, Bluetooth paper plane controllers, etc. The opportunities he and North High School provide for engineering students is astounding and they should be recognized for that.”

The Public Education Foundation is pleased to provide that recognition.

About PEF

The Public Education Foundation is an independent not-for-profit agency that provides direct funding to local public schools and teachers for innovative, student-centered programs.  For more than 31 years, the PEF Board of Directors have provided thousands of students with professional-level, hands-on experience via direct support for its signature projects such as the House Building Project, Summer Musical, Children’s Theatre productions and academic team competitions.  Annually, PEF provides over $400,000 in program support, and direct teacher grants and student scholarships.

The mission of the Public Education of Evansville, Inc. (PEF) is inspiring and cultivating innovative education for all students.  PEF Board, supporters and staff believe that high quality public education is fundamental to strength of our community; and that all students deserve the best possible public education in order to realize their full potential.  Our Core Values of inspiring the love of learning, cultivating innovation, supporting experiential education, being intentionally inclusive and operating independently and autonomously guide our vision that Students will be educated, engaged and ready to meet the challenges of the world.

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