Sunday Alcohol Sales Booming in the Hoosier State


Sunday Alcohol Sales Booming in the Hoosier State

It’s been more than a year since Indiana ended the ban on Sunday alcohol sales, and by all accounts, it’s made a difference.

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb signed the historic bill ending the longstanding law outlawing the sale of alcohol on Sunday’s back in March of 2018. Sunday alcohol sales had been banned in the Hoosier state since Indiana joined the union in 1816. Local liquor store owners, including North Side Liquors manager Kelly Griffin, says that in its first year of Sunday sales, business has boomed.

“Any business that we lose on the weekends like on short days we earn back on Sundays, so it’s a boost and helps us bring in new product as well,” says Griffin.

Sunday sales remained in place even after prohibition ended in 1933. The powerful liquor lobby feared losing market share and to have to staff stores on Sunday, an extra day of the week. But, the impact of adding that additional day has mostly been met with positive reaction according to Griffin. She says that there are two time periods during the day that remain the busiest.

“Twelve to two is the busiest time at first of the day, and right around I want to say four to six is the next like a speed bump, the highest point of the day, the second highest point.”

Griffin says that overall, the changing of laws has been solid for business as a whole. Now one year into Indiana’s new law, many businesses are taking full advantage of the extra sales day. Some states, however still ban alcohol on Sundays.




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