Staying Engaged, informed And Connected By Ron Bacon


Staying Engaged, informed And Connected By Ron Bacon

Recently, a letter was published in the local newspaper stating that I’m not available to listen to my constituents.

I’m made aware of every phone call, email and letter I receive. As a public servant, I depend on feedback from the citizens living in House District 75. I value input from those who are impacted by the policies being considered. In fact, many of the laws passed in Indiana are the result of constituents reaching out to their representative.

Throughout the legislative session, which begins in January every year, I hold local town hall meetings every month. Town halls occurring in my district are my top priority, but I do like to attend town halls in the surrounding counties. So far I have had two town halls in Vanderburgh County and town halls in Evansville, Newburgh, Booneville and Rockport. I was scheduled to attend a town hall in Pike County, but unfortunately was unable to attend due to a death in my family.

For those unable to attend these meetings, I can also be reached by calling 317-232-9833 and emailing In addition, I send regular legislative mailings to each household in the district, including a survey asking for voters to weigh in on issues facing the state, and weekly email updates to those who want to remain engaged and informed. These email updates allow constituents to respond directly to me, as well.

Online at, every legislative committee hearing and session proceeding is streamed live. Vote tallies, reports and calendars are also available, which reflects our dedication to transparency.

Thank you to all of those who have played an active role in the democratic process by sharing their thoughts with their elected officials. Your voices are heard.

I am working right now to schedule a session wrap-up town hall in Chandler once the General Assembly adjourns for the year. Once this is scheduled, I will keep you updated on the date, time and location.


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