St. Vincent Evansville Birth Announcements for week of September 5, 2017


Madison Stepro and Kyias Prindle, Grayville, IL, son, Xaiden Duane James, Aug. 26

Zenatta Grays and Patrick Adams, Evansville, IN, daughter, Za’nilah Natasha, Aug. 26

Leah and Micheal Weber, Wadesville, IN, son, Pierson Micheal, Aug. 27

Hannah Henshaw and Thomas Young, Flora, IL, daughter, Gemma Marie, Aug. 27

Deborah and Gregory Brooks, Norris City, IL, daughter, Allison Mae, Aug. 28

Elise and Tyler McDowell, Evansville, IN, daughter, Isabella Anne, Aug. 28

Kaila and Jeremy Byers, Lynnville, IN, son, Nash Levi, Aug. 28

Ashley Stembridge and Chris Lovelace, Evansville, IN, son, William Scott, Aug. 28

Makayla Tomblinson and Joshoua Wall, Mount Carmel, IL, son, Kayden Lee, Aug. 28

Michelle and Robert Hodges, Lynnville, IN, son, Brockton Kole, Aug. 29

Kelly and Kevin Weinzapfel, Evansville, IN, son, Lincoln Malik, Aug. 29

Inna and Victor Voronin, Evansville, IN, son, Benjamin Andrew, Aug. 29

Oralia Martinez and Brandon Manygoats, Princeton, IN, son, Olen Henry, Aug. 29

Savahna Putty and Artius Brown, Evansville, IN, Son, Aireus Leslie, Aug. 29

Elizabeth Powell and Patrick Grisham, Evansville, IN, son, Brogan Neal, Aug. 30

Wendy Moody and Charles Fletcher, Evansville, IN, daughter, Penelope Isabella, Aug. 30

L’Sheila Lewis, Evansville, IN, son, Gabriel DeWayne, Aug. 31

Megan and Jackson Van Dyke, Evansville, IN, son, Carter Joseph, Aug. 31

Stephene and Andrew Druin, Henderson, KY, daughter, Riley Lynn, Aug. 31

Brittany and Brian Martin, Evansville, IN, son, Oliver Thomas, Aug. 31

Meredith and Daniel Blankenship, Chandler, IN, daughter, Brynn Charlotte, Aug. 31

Katelyn McElwain and Matthew Martin, Evansville, IN, daughter, Mila Viola, Sept. 1

Michelle and Brandon Will, Evansville, IN, daughter, Izzie Ann, Sept. 2

Miranda and Adam Hall, Chandler, IN, son, Braxton Wayne, Sep. 2

Heather and Jeffery Gulley, Evansville, IN, daughter, Renleigh Allyn, Sept. 2

Amanda and Keith Mosiman, Boonville, IN, son, Elliott Douglas Dague, Sept. 2

Amy and Mark Murry, Evansville, IN, daughter,


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