St. Vincent Evansville Birth Announcements For The Week Of December 3, 2018


Sara and Payne Bickett, Evansville, son, Anson Wayne, November 21

Loretta Fisher and Cosby Langston, Evansville, son, Brayden Dallas, November 22

Afnan and Muhanad Almoneef, Evansville, daughter, Madawi Muhanad, November 23

Samantha and Jason Southwell, Evansville, daughter, Molly Grace, November 26

Jessica and Jordan Zuber, Evansville, son, Brix Tyler, November 26

Steffi and Eric Fulkerson, Henderson, KY, son, August Joseph, November 26

Angela Funches and Jerminal Taylor, Henderson, KY, son, Jeremias Dontrae, November 26

Haley and Brent Edwards, Carmi, IL, son, Truett William, November 27

Ragan Lynch and Victor Jackson, Evansville, daughter, Hadley Jo, November 27

Pamila Coomer and Rashawn Payne, Princeton, IN, son, Elliott Soloman Mykah, November 27

Tiffany and Matthew Chandler, Henderson, KY, son, Odin Matthew, November 28

Aireanna Parrish and Gagan Saini, Evansville, son, Anjay Josiah, November 28

Alexus and Kalie Thomas, Evansville, daughter, Caroline Rosalie, November 29

Nicole and Jordan Guth, Evansville, daughter, Ada Taylor, November 29

Erin and Ryan Hilsmeyer, Huntingburg, IN, son, Corbin Scott, November 29

Kylie and Anthony Lang, Newburgh, daughter, Mairead Aria, November 30


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