St. Vincent Evansville Birth announcements For May 14, 2018


Francesca Floyd and Zachary Walker, Evansville, daughter, Ripley Dot, May 3

Jenneya Adcock and Aaron Trammell, Evansville, son, Broley Glenn, May 3

Jennifer Goebel and Justin Degner, Evansville, son, Rhyden  Matthew James, May 3

Angela Layne and Loy’Cory Barnett, Evansville, son, Zacchaeus Ri’Shon, May 4

Brandy Boucherie and Charles Pullum Jr, Henderson, KY, daughter, Violet Kaye, May 4

Brittney and Alex Shoulders, Evansville, son, Carson Alex, May 4

Deiasha Carter and Ke’Iyran Dowell, Evansville, son, Kyrie Lamar, May 4

Samantha and John Taylor, Evansville, daughter, Merida Jane, May 4

Tyeisha Sumbry and Seroy Mobley, Evansville, daughter, Natalyia Gorgeous, May 4

Angelina Duran and Wes Deal, Fort Branch, IN, son, Bowdrie Michael, May 5

Angel Burgess, Mount Vernon, IN, daughter, Carly Sue, May 6

Angel Burgess, Mount Vernon, IN, daughter, Madelyn Kay, May 6

Brenda Buchanan, Evansville, daughter, Faith Essence, May 6

Kelsey and Benjamin Peter, Newburgh, son, Augustus James, May 6

Alexandrea and Tyler Herbert, Evansville, son, Elijah James, May 7

Brandy and Jacob Evans, Princeton, IN, daughter, River Leigh-Ann, May 7

Brittany Lambert and Joshua Jervis, Evansville, son, Mason Cole, May 7

Emily Edwards-Burkes and Aaron Haire, Evansville, son, Brahm Emrie, May 7

Jessica and Ryan Ross, Evansville, son, Chase Mylo, May 7

Kaelyn and Joseph James, Evansville, daughter, Caroline Grace, May 7

Cyi and Kurtis Gomez, Princeton, IN, son, Julian Nathaniel, May 8

Larisa and Aleksandr Lyashchuk, Evansville, son, Mike Aleksandrovich, May 8


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