St. Mary’s Hospital for Women & Children Birth Records


Andrea Tarrant and Logan Bowen, Eldorado, Ill., son, Easton Mitchell, Apr. 3

Amanda and Jacob Macer, West Salem, Ill., son, Kole Jacob, Apr. 3

Nikka and Rex Finnerty, Tennyson, Ind., daughter, Zoie Nicole, Apr. 3

Jessica Craig and Joseph Barton, Evansville, daughter, Rori Elizabeth, Apr. 4

Kaycee and Keith Sweet, Chandler, Ind., son, Ryker Scott, Apr. 4

Samantha Pomante and AJ Hart, Evansville, daughter, Carter Lynn, Apr. 5

Lisa West and Onterrio Stotts, Evansville, daughter, London Marie, Apr. 5

Brooklyn and Jeffery Taylor, Evansville, son, Cole Michael, Apr. 5

Jenna Dunn and Justin Garrett, Morganfield, Ky., daughter, Jayden Isabelle, Apr. 6

Joelle Lockwood and Bret Swiertz, Evansville, daughter, Sophee Raelynn, Apr. 6

Kimberly and Trent Engbers, Evansville, son, Trent Aaron II, Apr. 6

Nikki Lindsey and Daniel Criss Jr., Richland City, Ind., son, Keaton Thomas, Apr. 7

Brandi and Nickolas Stewart, Mount Vernon, Ind., son, Tytus Aizen Wilson, Apr. 7

Charlene and Jeffrey Woodring, Morganfield, Ky., son, Linden Reed, Apr. 7

Jessica and Thomas Bernardin, Evansville, son, Archer Henry, Apr. 7

Renee and Jeffrey Sallee, Evansville, daughter, Navey Jade, Apr. 7


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