Specialty Pet Grooming Is A Cut Above The Rest


Specialty Pet Grooming Is A Cut Above The Rest

by Bryan Fox

When you google Evansville pet grooming, a number of establishments will pull up in that search request.  While all of these businesses will advertise they are the best in town, Specialty Pet Grooming offers not only grooming services, but they also offer daycare and boarding for pets as well.

Located on the corner of Hwy 41 and Lincoln, Specialty Pet Grooming will give your pets special attention when you take your dogs/cats in for a grooming or just want to drop your pets off for the day while you’re at work.  Their pet daycare hours are from 6:30 am to 6 pm Monday thru Friday which is during regular business hours.  Thus, you will not have to worry about being late to work in the morning or late picking up your pets after work.  There are 2 people on staff during these hours who work in the doggy daycare.  There are also 2 employees who have the responsibility of bathing the dogs.

Specialty Pet Grooming’s owner, Jamie Hubiak, is living out her dream.  “I’ve been wanting to do this my whole life,” Hubiak says.    Hubiak has been a certified pet groomer since 2012.  She attended the Animal Arts Academy in Carmel where she obtained her certification.  Her love of animals along with her entrepreneurial spirit is what helped the business develop.  Hubiak started grooming at home until she eventually had to add space and staff for her rising business.

Laurel Hinten takes her dogs into Specialty Pet Grooming regularly for a haircut.  “Jamie is a high quality groomer who cares for all the animals she works with.  You know when you leave your pets with her, she will treat them like one of her own.”  Hinten says.

For more information about Specialty Pet Grooming, feel free to go to their website at www.specialtypetgrooming.com or you can follow them on facebook at facebook.com/SpecialtyPetGrooming.



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