Six new Lifelong Learning courses added for summer 2017


The University of Southern Indiana’s Outreach and Engagement has released the summer 2017 series of Lifelong Learning noncredit courses, including six newly developed programs. Lifelong Learning courses are open to anyone in the community regardless of educational background.

“Lifelong Learning is learning activity pursued across one’s lifespan with the purpose of acquiring knowledge and skills to enhance one’s quality of personal, professional, social or civic life,” said Dawn Stoneking, director of Lifelong Learning.

Below is a list of new courses and their date(s). More information can be found for each course at its respective link:

Basics of 3D Modeling (Five Mondays, June 5 – July 3): We live in a digital world and learning 3D digital design can help set you apart. This course will teach you the basic controls of Blender, how to model, bake and texture 3D objects.

Introduction to the Stock Market (Six Wednesdays, June 7 – July 12): Learn the basics of the how to get into the exciting and fast-pace world of the stock exchange. You will learn how to read stock market tickers, place calls and puts, the different types of markets and how to time the market.

Introduction to Economic Thought (Six Thursdays, June 8 – July 13): The modern economy is complex and often it is hard to find your place in it. In this class, you will learn the basics of economics and how to think using economic models.

Feel Better in Your Body (Five Mondays, June 12 – July 17): You will complete a Dosha questionnaire to discover your genetic, physical and emotional qualities. Lead a more balanced and purposeful lifestyle through simple practices. This class will be interactive with playful projects and hands-on fun.

Hypertufa Creation (June 17): What do you get when you mix cement, peat moss, and perlite? Hypertufa! During this class, you will learn how to mix the Hypertufa mixture and you will make two creations – a small leaf and a small pot.

Boost Your Digital Common Sense – Parents/Caregivers of Teens and Tweens (June 20): Learn how to help your children be responsible digital citizens, building a positive digital identity for college and beyond. This session, which is designed for adults, will introduce you to resources that can help your family safely navigate the web and manage your digital lives.

These classes are accompanied by returning courses, such as Introduction to YogaMicrosoft Excel Levels I, II and IIIVerbal and Math Skills for the SAT and more. Basic Orientation Plus safety training will also continue on campus throughout the summer.

All courses are presented in a noncompetitive and informal atmosphere where interest in learning is the primary consideration. No grades are assigned and formal admission to the University is not required for course registration. USI alumni can also receive a ten percent discount when registering for most Lifelong Learning courses.

All current courses are available at Registration can be taken online or by calling USI Outreach and Engagement at 812-464-1989.


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