Senator Braun’s Weekly Update | Reopening Colleges, China’s “Risky and Escalatory Behavior”


Senator Braun joined MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss how to reopen colleges in a safe and entrepreneurial way, as well as to remember the legacy of Dr. Tom Coburn.

Senator Braun joined Justice with Judge Jeanine to praise Indiana’s smart reopening plans and to throw cold water on the House’s $3 trillion dollar wish list stimulus proposal.

Senator Braun joined Hugh Hewitt’s radio program to discuss that chances of a Phase Four coronavirus assistance package and why liability protection for small business is so important to restarting the economy.

Indiana Sen. Mike Braun, Republican member of the Senate Budget Committee, joins Shannon Bream on ‘Fox News @ Night’ to discuss China’s “risky and escalatory behavior” as one Pentagon official put it.

Senator Braun joined Elizabeth MacDonald on Fox Business’s The Evening Edit to react to newly declassified email from Obama administration National Security Advisor Susan Rice regarding incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Indiana Senator Mike Braun says coronavirus lockdowns were too strict from the beginning, but he says his home state is an exception.

Braun (R) criticizes what he calls one-size-fits-all stay-home orders, and argues the distinction between essential and nonessential businesses didn’t make sense. Indiana did both those things for six weeks before allowing nonessential businesses to reopen May 4 in all but three counties. Some businesses, including gyms, movie theaters and bars, remain closed. But Braun says Indiana responded the right way. He says Indiana might have been able to loosen restrictions a week or so sooner than it did, but he says many other states have been “too straitjacketed” and could pay an economic price as a result. He says Governor Holcomb has been attentive to limiting “economic carnage” from the pandemic.

But Braun singles out two of Indiana’s neighbors, Kentucky and Michigan, for what he says are overly strict limits. He takes particular aim at Michigan, a political swing state, for what he calls a “flawed approach” of keeping tight restrictions in place statewide. Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer plans a first step out of lockdown on Friday, allowing businesses to open at half-capacity in the Upper Peninsula and 17 northern counties.

Sen. Mike Braun, R-Ind., said Wednesday that “the guidance and rules have really been ratcheted down to make sure” that larger businesses with cash reserves and lines of credit “were not there at the trough.”

“I all along wanted to make sure that the smallest businesses first would get served. That didn’t happen in the first round. That’s why you’re seeing a different dynamic now,” Braun said during a conference call with Indiana news media.

The Paycheck Protection Program was created by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act approved by Congress in March.

Senator Braun spoke on the Senate floor to remember the legacy of outsider conservative Dr. Tom Coburn.

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