Senator Braun’s Weekly Update | COVID-19 Relief for Hoosier Workers & Small Businesses


WATCH: Senator Mike Braun’s speech on the Senate floor on flattening the coronavirus curve without flattening our economy, and how Hoosiers will do their part to arrest the spread of the virus.

Senator Braun joined Pete Hegseth on Fox and Friends on Saturday morning to discuss the negotiations of the second phase of coronavirus federal relief legislation, planned to be voted on tomorrow.

Senator Braun discussed the small business portion of the package, how to most effectively get help in to the hands of workers and small businesses who need it most, and how to fight the virus fully while limiting irreversible damage to the economy.

We need to put a hard wall of protection around the most vulnerable, because this is about saving lives. Also, being smart about treating places like New York and Washington and California differently, where the preponderance of cases are.

I’m going to rely on the medical experts when it comes to what we have to do on the healthcare portion, and I like that we’ve thrown everything at this, but when we get beyond the end of this 14 day stretch and we may have irreversible long term economic damage. 

Let’s be smart about it, evaluate what’s worked and what hasn’t, and we’ll adjust where we need to. 

Senator Braun joined MSNBC Live to discuss the state of bipartisan negotiations over coronavirus federal relief and his priority of getting relief directly to small businesses and workers who have been displaced by government orders to shutter businesses.

Senator Mike Braun joined The Ingraham Angle to discuss the way forward on the coronavirus relief phase 3 to get immediate help to small businesses after negotiations stalled.

NPR’s Noel King speaks with Republican Sen. Mike Braun of Indiana about the third phase of coronavirus relief package that has congressional Republicans and Democrats at odds.

Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview on Monday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) “highjacked” bipartisan negotiations to the detriment of the American public’s health.

Pelosi and Schumer decided to nix bipartisan negotiations over the third phase of the congressional coronavirus response package on Sunday. Instead, Pelosi decided to craft her own bill in the House, which would significantly delay the American people’s and businesses’ ability to receive relief in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Senator Braun joined Stu Varney on Fox Business to discuss the break down on negotiations for the coronavirus relief package and the way forward to getting a bipartisan consensus on what matters most: relief for small businesses and waged earners who are going without a paycheck due to efforts to stop the spread.

Senator Mike Braun delivered a speech on the Senate floor last Thursday evening on the need to get aid into the hands of small businesses and workers immediately, but to evaluate the efficacy of shutdown measures in 2 weeks to ensure we’re not causing unnecessary irreversible damage to the economy.

Senator Braun joined Varney & Co. to discuss the needs of small businesses during the coronavirus crisis.

Senator Braun joined Bloomberg’s Balance of Power with David Westin to discuss accountability measures on loans given to large employers to keep employees on their payroll in the coronavirus relief package.

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