Senator Braun’s Weekly Update


THIS WEEK, SENATOR BRAUN weighed in on President Trump “strongly considering” testifying in the impeachment hearings, pushed for the USMCA trade deal and put pressure on Democratic members in red states with farmers who need it, responded to testimony from EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland, and applauded President Trump for taking bold action on healthcare price transparency similar to a bill he introduced to ensure American patients know what they’re paying for before they pay it at the hospital and the pharmacy counter.


This week, President Trump said he was “strongly considering” testifying in House Democrats’ impeachment hearings. Senator Braun joined Kennedy on her Fox Business show to discuss the impeachment hearings and whether President Trump should testify.

KENNEDY: “Should President Trump testify?”

BRAUN: “President Trump is clearly quite confident that there’s no case against him, and he’s going to push the point that nothing else is getting done here.

“This goes back to when he was first elected in 2016 and they’ve been trying to get rid of him one way or another since then. He would do well either way.”


Senator Braun joined David Westin on Bloomberg‘s Balance of Power to discuss the political forces pulling USMCA closer to the finish line, specifically pressure on Democratic Representatives in red states where farmers are clamoring for the trade deal.


Senator Braun was quoted in POLITICO‘s piece on Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s testimony, charging that the impeachment plan is hitting a brick wall now that all the facts are out and all testimony is further interpretation and presumptions about those public facts.

“This thing looks like it kind of crescendoed maybe three weeks ago,” said Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.). “There’s been nothing that’s changed the dynamic, even with Sondland’s discussion today. His is an interpretation, he was presuming.”


Senator Braun joined Stu Varney on Varney & Co. to applaud President Trump’s decision to force hospitals and insurance companies to disclose their secret negotiated rates and publicize their costs.

The executive action mirrors a bill from Senator Braun called S.913, the True Price Act, which would require health insurers to disclose negotiated rates—including any cost-sharing obligations for consumers—for health care services covered under their health plans to increase transparency and competition, putting the decision-making power into the hands of the American consumer.


Senator Braun joined Terry Meiners of WHAS in Louisville to talk about the impeachment hearings, Ambassador Sondland’s testimony, term limits, and Governor Matt Bevin.




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