Rokita on Balanced Budget Amendment: My Priority is the Prosperity of Hoosier Families


Congressman Todd Rokita released this statement today after voting in favor of the Balanced Budget Amendment:

“I came to Congress because our out-of-control spending and skyrocketing debt is unfairly burdening the future of our economy, our communities, and our families,” said Congressman Todd Rokita. “If the Balanced Budget Amendment was in effect, it would have halted the atrocious spending bills, like the ones I voted against a few weeks ago, that have worsened our debt and destabilized the future of our country. My priority is the prosperity of Hoosier families and that is why I stand by the Balanced Budget Amendment and voting against reckless spending deals that have increased our debt and deficit.”

Congressman Todd Rokita is a cosponsor on the Balanced Budget Amendment and is a leader in proposing budget legislation that would make our government more fiscally responsible. As Budget Vice Chair, Rokita voted against this year’s Omnibus and Bipartisan Budget Act due to them adding trillions of dollars to our surging debt.


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