Reps. Bacon, Sullivan Respond To INSPECT Announcement At Deaconess


Below are statements from State Reps. Ron Bacon (R-Chandler) and Holli Sullivan (R-Evansville) on the integration of the INSPECT program at Deaconess Gateway Hospital.

“I am glad to see Deaconess upgrading to the INSPECT system to more easily keep track of the health and wellness of its patients,” said State Rep. Ron Bacon (R-Chandler). “This year, I sponsored a new law expanding access and compliance with the use of INSPECT and allowing for more helpful information to be included on INSPECT reports. Doctors need to know what prescriptions their patients are taking and the dosage in real time in order to properly treat them. INSPECT will provide physicians with this information to help keep Hoosiers healthy while also tracking prescription drug intake.”

“The INSPECT program will give doctors data to help them provide the best care possible for their patients by monitoring their opioid prescriptions,” said State Rep. Holli Sullivan (R-Evansville). “I am encouraged to see staff at Deaconess working with us to curb prescription drug abuse. Together we can help curb the opioid epidemic facing our state and keep Hoosiers healthy.”



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