Gavel Gamut

By Jim Redwine

(Week of 17 April 2017)


Mediation has been required in the courts of Posey County for over twenty years. The Bar Association members are critical in the successful resolution of matters by the encouragement of fair and equal bargaining between opposing parties in court cases.

Last Monday’s Law Day (April 10, 2017) verdict decided the competing interests of North Posey High School students and Mt. Vernon High School students. In the Mock Trial presided over by Judge Brent Almon and decided by a jury composed of Posey County attorneys, the wisdom of reasoning together in good faith was reaffirmed. The real-life attorneys ruled that both teams of student attorneys won.

The issue to be determined was which party or parties, i.e., which high school, would have the legal right to auction off the naming of the newly discovered planets of the star Trappist-1. The jury wisely decided that each school could name half of them.

As a spectator I was impressed with the hard work, intelligence and imagination of the students from both schools. The excellent supervision and guidance of their teachers, Michele Parrish, Mike Kuhn, Lucy Steinhart and Tim Alcorn, was evident.

This year’s Mock Trial was the thirty-fifth straight year Posey County’s high schools have participated in celebrating Law Day with the Posey County Bar Association. About two thousand students and many regularly practicing attorneys have joined in this important commemoration.

Perhaps next year at Law Day you may wish to join us and should you need justice from a Posey County court the Bar’s approach should give you confidence in the outcome.

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