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Todays“Readers Poll” question is: Do you agree with Councilman Jonathan Weaver that the City of Evansville is having serious cash flow problems?

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  1. Sen. “Mexico” Joe Donnelly’s family business uses Chinese import practice he criticizes and they outsourced jobs to their factory in Mexico. If you think Mexico Joe’s fellow Democrats treated Judge Kavanaugh fairly, then vote for Joe. Only Mike Braun can be trusted to confirm conservative Constitutionalist Judges to the Supreme Court.

    “Yet for Donnelly, whose neck-and-neck race with Braun could help determine which party controls the Senate, it ignores one inconvenient detail. Stewart Superior Corp., a family business that he owned stock in, has also received repeated shipments of goods from China for much of this decade, records reviewed by The Associated Press show….

    “It’s not the first time Donnelly has drawn unwanted attention for his ties to his family’s company, which is operated by his brother. The longtime outsourcing opponent, who is one of a handful of red-state Democrats running for re-election, faced withering criticism last year after news reports revealed the business operated a factory in Mexico.

    Republicans labeled him “Mexico Joe,” ran ads with him wearing a sombrero and even sent a Mariachi band to play outside his campaign kickoff.”


  2. Proof positive that left wing liberalism really is a mental disorder:

    Antifa Website Promotes HOME ABORTION CLASSES to ‘Dismantle White Supremacist Bio-Medical Patriarchy’ In Response to Kavanaugh

    To make sure that people can still get abortions should Roe v. Wade be overturned, the far-left website is promoting a group called the Knoxville Abortion Doula Collective which teaches groups and individuals how to perform home abortions.

    “Currently, in the tradition of gynepunk and folk herbal medical practice, the Knoxville Abortion Doula Collective and Plume & Seal Botanical Medicine are offering two workshops in Autonomous Pelvic Care for the lower Appalachian region. This radical community healthcare weekend is facilitated by trainers who are trans and queer, and this workshop will reflect a range of pelvic (reproductive/generative) support services. This is a space for queer/trans folks and all bodies, but the workshop focus is centered on services for people with uterine systems,” the website’s word salad claims….

    The article claims that the leftist claims of wanting abortion to be “safe, legal and rare” comes from a “standpoint of race and class privilege as well as abortion stigma, and in the coming years we must work to dismantle this framework and replace both its ideology and its practical (legal and medical) manifestations with culturally appropriate, community-based alternatives.”

    The radical group is requesting a $35-$75 donation from those who wish to learn how to perform abortions at home and state that “no previous medical background necessary.”


  3. Does anyone know the status of the City’s efforts to collect the water/sewer bill from the McCurdy apartments?

  4. Unfortunately left wing Democrat hate and violence can be found in the usual location in Indiana. A vote for Senator Donnelly is a vote to condone this type of activity:
    “Police detained a left-wing student activist at Indiana University, Bloomington after he tried to steal, spray-paint and rip apart signs from a pro-life group protesting on campus.

    Thomas Metcalf, 21, a member of the Young Democratic Socialists of America at IU and Black Lives Matter, was charged with disorderly conduct, vandalism, and larceny-theft on Oct. 4 attacking Created Equal, an anti-abortion group that puts up graphic images of aborted children on posters.

    “You all are pieces of sh** and you are harming women! F*** you!”, Metcalf yelled at pro-life protesters before allegedly driving off with the group’s pro-life signs in the back of his car in video footage posted by Created Equal on Oct. 10. Metcalf was also caught on camera spray-painting their signs while the group, as well as an IU administrator, asked him to stop….

    “Because you want women to be child-rearing surrogates that don’t have any rights, and I f***ing hate you,” Metcalf replied. “You don’t know anything about biology. You don’t know anything about reproductive health. You people are f***ing disgusting.”

    Metcalf held a “Your Voice Matters” sign at a rally against Justice Kavanaugh earlier this week.

    “Alright everybody, listen up. I know this is a dark time in American history and a lot of you are very scared,” Metcalf said through a megaphone. “I was fortunate enough to be born a straight, white male, but I am not America…Donald Trump is not the one in power, we are the one in power! Let’s be the change we want to see!”


  5. Not according to the Mayor at his luncheon. Of course, he only talked about the ugly med school, actually owned by us tax payers, the Hyatt, which is not costing us tax payers, Post House and the YMCA. He didn’t say one damn thing about the city bank account being over drawn. The city writes checks it’s ass can’t cover.

  6. Oh, I forgot the biggest blunder!!! $460,000.00 in the 2019 budget for “Budgie Aviary”, or penguin house, at the zoo. Really, he calls this an accomplishment in a city broker than broke.

  7. Bummer news of the day;

    Kavanaugh Disappointed to Discover Supreme Court Has No Happy Hour

    Washington – In a setback for the newest Associate Justice on his first day at work, Brett Kavanaugh said on Tuesday that he was “very disappointed” to learn that the Supreme Court does not have a happy hour.

    Kavanaugh told reporters that he made the horrifying discovery as the clock ticked down to 5 P.M. and “everyone was still in their offices working and stuff.”

    “I mean, I couldn’t believe it,” Kavanaugh said. “I had been busting my tail for six hours, and I needed to blow off some steam.” – Borowitz

    I must admit, that would piss anybody off after what Dr. Ford had to go through.

    Liars are just like countries that believe them, the Happy Hour will certainly come to an end.


  8. DR= Democratic Mob Mentality. Kick some old people in Portland, lie more about the Republicans, Hell, lie that and public anarchy are the left Libtard way!!! Red wave is coming and the left has no-one to blame but themselves.

    • We were on the brink of “public anarchy” in 2008 Soul Man but the black community stepped up and saved our ass.

      It was the white women community that needed to send the Orange Fat Boy back to Russia where his heart is but they failed in 2016.

      It is now up to them again to save this country from the people who are lost in the high weeds.

      Like, guess who?….


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