We hope that today’s “Readers Forum” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?


IS IT TRUE this is whats on our mind today?  We hope that the individuals involved in styling the new City of Evansville noise ordinance are aware that the Tortious interference liability laws will legally protect those business owners that are financially affected by an overreaching noise ordinance?

Todays “Readers Poll” question is: If the Republicans primary for Vanderburgh County Commission was held today who would you for?

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    • The Mueller and US Senate Intell investigations were the only legit investigations going. The one in thehouse has been bogus from the start. Nunes partisanship has been beyond repulsive. There was no Dem input sought . Adults will now take over and one needs to let this play out. It took 3 years to get Nixon

      • Thanks Mack. You seem to agree the only reason for Mueller probe is to overthrow Trump.
        Finally, an honest dem.

        • Dann, you’re just gonna have to be a better writer. Your writing wreaks that you know Trump is in trouble.

          Even the own Trump Justice Department knows the House Intel Cmte was a joke, but you Sir, you do a better job of making it clear that Special Counsel Mueller is the true investigator here.

          Mueller is a patriot, God bless him, a life-long Republican too, he’s a veteran, and he took bullets defending his country, and is decorated war hero. HIS duty to the country is never in doubt.

          If Trump didn’t do nothing wrong, then he ain’t got nothin’ to worry about.

          But you Dann? You make it clear you’re trying to “get your guilty brother the hell out of Dodge, or you want to kill the Sheriff before he can arrest the criminal!’ And you do a pathetic job of trying to pretend you’re legit. You’re so pathetic, you most excellently make the case 100% you know Trump is guilty too!!

          MUELLER is legit. That is what is worrying you so badly. Sorry Dann.

        • No, not at all. One must be sure when taking down the potus. Trump may not want this over as much he and you want it to be.


    You may not realize it today Tillerson, but this morbid ass skank did you a HUGE favor bro. Relish it.

    In the meantime al sharpie, President Dennison would surely find a position for you if you would apply because he only hires the best people.

    You owe it to your country to give it a shot bro. Just don’t call Mop Head a “F—— Moron” and you may end up Education Secretary eventually…………………………….don’t cha know.

    What could possibly go wrong….

    • All Diva’s are cowards.

      Trump is 100% a television, reality show Diva. He is an embarrassment to the Republican Party and the United State’s office of the Presidency. I see Al Sharpie trying to claim Trump wasn’t handed 75 straight months of job growth by the way. Mitch McConnell and the GOP Senate, not Trump, is keeping the streak alive in case you dumbass Trump thugs aren’t paying attention. Trump is trying to kill it with rising inflation, rising interest rates and pro-union tariffs. The GOP fights that clown keeping him in check.
      Oh and…Al Sharpie posts from a strip club bar stool, so he can be forgiven for posting while drunk.

        • dannyboy, when he dont know whut to say, he says fakenews or hes a dem.

          pretty close on that dontcha think?

          oh, i mean when your not beating up on cops. dont think we dont notice that.

  2. Got to love that big, beautiful wall that will finally protest our porous southern border:

    SAN DIEGO (AP) — Protests over President Donald Trump’s “big beautiful border wall” with Mexico are expected to mark his first visit to California as president on Tuesday amid growing tensions between his administration and the state over immigration enforcement.

    Trump will visit eight towering prototypes for the wall before addressing Marines, also in San Diego, and attending a fundraiser in Los Angeles. He’ll be staying there overnight.

    “We’re going to the wall. We’re going out to the wall,” Trump told reporters as he departed the White House. “We’re going to be looking at the prototypes, which is very important for our country.”…

    Trump told reporters then that he was putting himself “in great danger” by coming to the border. But, he said, “I have to do it. I love this country.”'s-visit-to-California-border

    • I keep hearing Trump promised Mexico would pay for the wall. Now the US Taxpayer has to pay. Liar 🤥, Clown 🤡, and a 🐀.

      I also keep hearing Pornstar Stormy Daniels finished her interview with 60 Minutes. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️👩‍🎤👩‍🎤👩‍🎤

      Thank you Mr Biden!!

    • How about that, Joe. Illegal aliens who have no right to be in the United States, let alone California, are protesting President Donald J. Trump’s presence in California. Go figure.

      • Hi Dann!!

    • I believe Trump will go down in history as the, “Putting myself in great danger” President Joe.

      From running into a school unarmed against an AR/15, to taking chances on his bone spurs getting infected with venereal disease during the Vietnam War, to trying to sleep with Melania tonight etc.

      But I look for his Presidential Library to show his greatest risk of death was Stormy sitting on his face while his bodyguard had to use the restroom.

      I really do Joe.

      Unless of course, there could possibly have been someone a couple pounds heavier who assumed same position that we do not know about.

      But I can’t in my wildest dreams even begin to Imagine that.

      And I’m DAMN sure you can’t either Joe. True?….

  3. I watched the video today of my hero Hillary falling down the steps in India while she was promoting her book the white guy did it.Now I hope that drunkard Al Sharpie does not come on this site and make fun of this unfortunate accident.


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