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Todays“Readers Poll” question is; If the election was held today for the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor who would you vote for?

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  1. Senator Donnelley’s Democrat party stands with Nike and supports sanctuary cities.
    Only Mike Braun can be trusted to confirm Judge Kavanaugh and fight against lawless sanctuary cities:
    “Nike Fighting to Keep Oregon a ‘Sanctuary State’ After Illegal Alien Kills Young Couple”

    “The multinational Nike corporation — accused of employing slave labor — is fighting to keep Oregon a “sanctuary state” for all illegal aliens less than a month after an illegal alien has been accused of killing a young couple in a drunk driving car crash.

    In a statement this week, Nike CEO Mark Parker announced the corporation’s opposition to a statewide measure that would repeal Oregon’s sanctuary state law that has protected criminal illegal aliens for three decades.”…

    In March, a twice-deported illegal alien living in Oregon was accused of raping a girl under the age of fourteen.

    Likewise, last year, an illegal alien who has been deported 20 times was arrested again in Oregon for sexually assaulting two women. That same illegal alien was accused this year of breaking into the home of a 65-year-old woman in Oregon and raping her while holding her at knifepoint.


      • Trump keeps saying no to the Wall.

        In speeches, he lies is for the Wall, but NEVER funds the Wall, NEVER signs budgets for the Wall, three times Trump cut out funding for the Wall and signed the budget.

        If Trump were for the Wall, he would have funded it.

        Grow. The. Hell. Up.

  2. At 9/11 memorial Trump hails ‘the moment when America fought back’ President also pays tribute to the nearly 7,000 US service members who have been killed ‘facing down the menace of radical Islamic terrorism’. Compare President Trumps powerful and healing words to that of Obama, who refused to say “radical Islamic terrorism”. Only Mike Braun can be trusted in the US Senate to help President Trump fight the menace of radical Islamic terrorism.

    “Under a gray sky in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, Trump praised the courage of the 40 men and women aboard Flight 93 who rushed the four hijackers who had diverted the plane and were targeting Washington. “…

    “This memorial is now a message to the world. America will never, ever submit to tyranny,” Trump said, noting that nearly 5.5 million Americans have joined the US military since 9/11.

    “As commander-in-chief, I will always do everything in my power to prevent terrorists from striking American soil,” the president added, while also paying tribute to the nearly 7,000 US service members who have been killed “facing down the menace of radical Islamic terrorism.”…

    During a ceremony at the Pentagon’s 9/11 memorial site, where the names of the fallen are etched into a series of benches, Vice President Mike Pence touted Trump’s support for the military.

    “Last year, President Trump signed the largest increase in our national defense in a generation,” Pence said.

    “And with that renewed support, we are giving our men and women in uniform and their commanding officers the resources and rules of engagement they need to fight and win where the perpetrators of this attack found safe haven.”



    Trump’s Calls to Manafort Going Straight to Voice Mail

    The sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the number of voice-mail messages that Trump left for Manafort was somewhere in the range of twelve to three hundred.
    Trump reportedly continued to leave messages for Manafort until his mailbox was full, after which Trump hurled his phone across the room, narrowly missing Mike Pence’s head. – Borowitz

    ASSOCIATED PRESS; Tiger plays with own balls, Nike says.

    Breitbart News; Trump’s approval rating at 110% in Spanish Harlem. 48% higher than Obama’s at same time in term. Rasmussen has it at 112%.

    Evansville Courier&Press; A cut&paste homeless dude has a plan to rejuvenate Mesker Amphitheatre. And it won’t cost a dime says he. Fine print to follow @gofundmeIloveconcrete.com

    Damn, news dump Friday is kicking ass today.



    “I plead guilty.” Manafort told U.S. District Court judge Amy Berman Jackson.

    Judge Jackson then asked Trump Campaign Manager Manafort if “what the US Department of Justice Prosecutor said was a true and accurate description of the crimes you committed in this case?”

    “It is. I did it.” Manafort, said, resting both hands on the lectern before him and flanked by his attorney, Richard Westling.

    When asked if the deal with Mueller’s team is a FULL cooperation agreement,
    Manafort’s Attorney Downing replied:

    “It is.”

    Manafort was in the room with Don Jr. while meeting with the Russian Government.
    Trump. Campaign. Manager. Quid. Pro. Quo. Guy.
    Uh. Oh. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.


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