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  1. Please allow me to make it clear, that in the American Christian community, we lead the life of Jesus Christ, and we find it repugnant and disgusting that Donald Trump paid, or his longtime personal attorney paid, $130,000 for President Trump to have sex liaisons with Pornstars. The President is trash.

    Bill Clinton should have been fired for it, that is NO excuse for Trump. Trump is a piece of trash scum too. He had a wife and baby at home. That poor woman.

    Our Church would fire him immediately. God help you if you accept this kind of behavior. Christ is coming. Judgement is near. Change your ways. God loves you.

    • Dear Daniel,

      Remember when Peter asked Jesus how many times should we forgive 7 times . . and Jesus responded by saying 7 x 70 . .again, standing in front of Pilot . .Pilot said, “why do you not answer me . .don’t you know I have the power to set you free or crucify you” and Jesus answered, “you would not have power over me unless it was given from above” . . .So, the faithful must live by faith knowing that God has placed this man in authority and we should be praying for him and not just for him but for all of those who are in authority . . .the hardest thing is granting forgiven, but, we who live by faith must be guarded regarding forgiveness knowing that if we do not forgive we will not be forgiven . . .

      • Here we go.
        People chosen to go out with the unenviable task of defending Trump’s sexual exploits, a guy who is a pornstar paying john.
        And they’re doing it with a Bible in their hand! Unbelievable.
        Break out the disinfectant.

    • Daniel I also believe in the Holy Bible it says something about judging people will be done by GOD
      you’re not GOD so you have no right to judge others

    • Your church should fire him. That is if your church fired a former pastor who behaved in the same manner.
      Remind me. Did Jerry Falwell get fired?

          • (dann doesnt know the difference between jerry falwell and jimmy swaggart. and he’s telling us about morals. be careful dann, remember lot’s wife, she turned into a pillar of salt too! but you dont know her name either, do you?)

    • This is hilarious. If you Trumpers want to align with this person , you will be judged. He,s as immoral as he has been since he,s been around. Maybe the House will put the bootlicker Nunes in charge of investigating this. As for forgiveness, sure, after you step down. The WH is full of person that dont have security clearance a year in! The WH and USA is in a crisis.

  2. California Democrat Lt. Governor and Gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom: Jeff Sessions ‘Outright Racist’ for Praising ‘Anglo-American’ Legal Traditions. More Whisky Tango Foxtrot?

    Gavin Newsom: Jeff Sessions ‘Outright Racist’ for Praising ‘Anglo-American’ Legal Traditions

  3. This thing with Trump paying $130,000 to pornstars. Now is personal attorney, who has done that job for decades for Trump, is being forced to fall on his own sword and pay for the pervert Trump who sleeps with pornstars while his new wife is home with their baby. As proud Americans, I can’t believe we have come to accept this as normal. It was never acceptable with the Republican Party for Clinton, and its not acceptable to us now with this piece of crap. The United States is better than this! We have a President of the United States who surrounds himself with casino and gambling owners like Steve Wynn who force their employees to have sex in front of him! And Trump pays pornstars for sex. Melania Trump is shamed, the country is shamed, and we can’t condone this.

    • As I remember it, President Clinton was impeached for lying to a federal grand jury. Not one charge was about getting a BJ from an intern.

      • And we went after Clinton, because he was a sexual predator. He was disgusting, same as Trump. But the GOP led-impeachment was a direct result of that. You’re not pointing that out Mr. Davis.

  4. Great. JUST great. We lost another GOP House Seat to the Democrats last night, the 36th District in Florida that Trump won handily in the last election. The Democrats won it back. Trump is losing us the GOP majority in the House.

    And the orange haired clown in the White House continues to bungle everything he touches. Trump’s staff are all undrafted has-beens who can’t get security clearances. No one wants to work with a pervert. This today too:

    “The Republican House Oversight Committee is now investigating how former White House staff secretary Rob Porter kept his role in the administration even as accusations of domestic abuse were made against him, according to Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), the panel’s chairman. Asked if there would be a probe, Gowdy said, “We began the probe into Porter’s security clearances last night.”

    • Your righteous indignation rings hollow, L. What you think, I think, your church thinks, or any church thinks, is immaterial. The die has been cast. It was cast when, after Clinton’s behavior in Arkansas and in the White House was known, he was re-elected President. None of our business. Between him and his wife. As Hillary famously said at the Benghazi hearings: “WHAT DIFFERENCE, AT THIS POINT, DOES IT MAKE?”
      Just curious. As a Republican, who would be your choice for President?

      • DannCoulter. You seem to be a guy who seeks out and follows a guy looking for whores, so, with your twisted pathetic logic, you can tell your wife, “I saw somebody else picking up whores, so there’s nothing wrong with it.”
        I’m sure your wife would share your dirty and grimy “i have no standards whatsoever” outlook.

        • I am not president. And you are a dem. No matter what is written or spoken your dem mind has no means of rational comprehension.

          • beat that horse to death! You need new material!!
            dan wilzbacher is 100% a Republican, always has been.
            No one in here believes YOU are a Republican.

          • btw, wilzbachers’ comment about the missing standards and screwy logic of danncoulter is spit your glass of water in the air funny stuff.
            and spot on correct too. great post.

  5. We have a Potus that refuses to believe the Russians interferred in the 2016 election and push a rwmedy. His reasons are selfish ones. Afraid people will say the russians helped him win. Thats not good for the rest of us. Electing a person without proper vetting is what we have here. Id bet a dollar to a donut if Trump ran for the Rwpub nomination for Evv mayor he,d lose. Why? Because Winnecke is more experienced. But he is leader of the free world. Go figure. Congress needs to step,up. Muellers findings and followup,should be interesting. Im alsso Im betting there a few red faced Rwpublicans ou there trying to explain Trump to their children.

    • Question, Mack. Which Russian influence caused you to change your vote from Hillary to Trump?
      Was it the mysterious face book ads? Did you even see them? And why do you think the Russians would prefer Trump given Hillary, Bill, And Barack Hussein Obama had given them everything they ever wanted.

      • Glad you asked. Its the Duesche bank and other Trump owes money to. And other banjs. Those tax returns hold the truth. The Russians want the sanctions gone, trump has yet to impliment them. Also they could possiblybhelp trump indebtedness. The Fb and twitter activities were very pointed at specific targets. The only way trump won Wi Mi and Penn. Mueller will soon have a full report. Our intell and Pence and Coats all confirm the meddling. Get on board. Repent

        • Deutsche bank is German. On the other hand the company Hillary helped obtain a large portion of U.S. uranium, and later showered the Clintons with dollars, is Russian.

  6. Consider this. A sitting president, Barack Hussein Obama, and Hillary Clinton, in league with the fact-free MSM and mind-numbed Gruber goobers, used the IRS(definately) and the FBI (probably) to defeat their political opponents. When Donald J.Trump won despite their efforts the same cabal enthusiastically embarked on a mission to overthrow a duly elected president. Meanwhile, fact-free news viewers sound the alarm about: prostitutes.
    Here’s a thought for any dems who may have the capacity. Shouldn’t President Trump have the ability to use the same government agencies to crush HIS political opponents?

  7. Are all left-wing liberal Democrats unhinged pathological liars? The evidence would seem to say yes based on Pocahontas:

    “Elizabeth Warren Lies About Her Heritage Again at Tribal Nations Summit: ‘My Mother’s Family Was Part Native American’”



  8. I ordinarily don’t drink in the morning………….scratch that I often do……………….that being said tomorrow morning I am going to drink a little boubon and reach out and grab a little pu$$y………….

  9. yeehaw!! love the CCO today!
    such an entertaining exchange in the comments today.
    Thanks for letting posters have their say. It’s is wonderful to read. Lots of comments. Cause it’s great!!
    There have been times in the past where if people didn’t agree together, they would disappear from the comments. Let them write. I love it!!


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