We hope that today’s “Readers Forum” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?


Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that Congressman Larry Buschon should debate his opponent, Dr. Richard Moss?

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  1. Cohen. Mueller.

    Or arming teachers.

    Come on let’s hear what you’re afraid to talk all about JoeBiden and pretend not to be a Dem DannCoulter.

    • Can’t imagine anyone wanting to arm teachers. Teachers can’t even protect themselves from the students. Some students would literally take a weapon away from a teacher.

  2. You have to wonder, how much more $ Rasmussen is gonna demand Trump pay them to give him high poll numbers after Cohen’s slime is released.

  3. talk among cops is how mueller slammed, totally slammed down, trump by sending the cohen case to the new york DA instead of to the feds.

    he cant pardon anyone
    it will last way past his presidency
    they can go after all trump financial crimes
    trump knows it too

    • It’s hard to imagine any police officer disrespecting Trump after the way the Obama administration demonized our police officers. I think police officers will stop doing proactive policing which will be harmful to all of us. I seriously doubt I would respond to a suspicious incident unless it was a 911 call, why take the chance. There’s no stopping Mueller, he is politically motivated to take Trump down or at least everyone around him. Have to remember Mueller doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to winning in court. Trump is still doing a great job of draining and exposing the swamp. I think we got Trump just in time to save America. Would love to see Sessions really get on the ball and bring charges against as many government employees as possible.

  4. My comment today is I believe Barbara Bush is one of the greatest Americans who have ever lived. Her husband I loved also until he teamed up with potatoe brain and cry baby Danforth Quayle el-stupido.

    The Republican Party I believed in ended with – el-stupido.

    Because this is what horrifically bad decisions like that lead to;


    Born with a Nanny, protected like a cocoon inside an iron lung, and dumber than owl shit, I just had to leave that Party behind.

    But God Bless Barbara.


    • So you joined the party of Bill Clinton. Do I detect a little envy? Do you have an I wish I were Monica fantasy? I loved Bush senior, he is responsible for the greatest Supreme Court Justice in our history, Clarence Thomas. I think a chicken would vote for Col. Sanders before you’d ever vote for an American.

      • Look Newspeak, I knew reading your first post way back when you were a family values pornoholic just like Clarence Thomas but I let it pass.

        Testes Thomas has more nine to one decisions on the Supreme Court than Putin’s inner circle.

        But no matter how you cut it, if you weren’t scared to friggin death with Quayle being within a heart beat of the presidency, and you voted for Shrub-Cheney TWICE and then Mop Head, I’d be careful about degrading the intelligence of chickens if I were you.

        Know what I mean Vern?….


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