We hope that today’s “Readers Forum” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?


Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that Congressman Larry Buschon should debate his opponent, Dr. Richard Moss?

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  1. You need to remember it’s not real money ,,its taxpayers money ,,,in reality you are correct,another note why did our flunky mayor give some fly by night Mr Haney 200,000.00 dollars without any vetting,,,,we lost our ass on that one big time
    It’s total bull crap!!!

  2. Has the EVSC put this on the agenda yet? Don’t have police trained volunteer teachers with access to a gun safe in event of an active shooting, just do something”symbolic” after a paid service day for the teachers. What’s next for the liberal solution of symbolism over real safety with good guys with guns: super soakers, sling shots, kungfu stars, 70’s gym socks with a can of spam inside, blow darts or even deadly Jarts.

    “At first glance, it may seem like a joke to some. But a Pennsylvania school district is giving its 500 teachers weapons to fight off would-be school shooters – and those weapons are little wooden baseball bats that aren’t much longer than a ruler….

    Hall told the news station that each teacher received a 16-inch bat after an in-service training day teaching them how to respond to school shootings. The bats cost the district about $1,800.

    While Hall called the bats “symbolic,” he also told WSEE-TV that teachers could use them to ward off a shooter.

    But their ability to defend themselves with the bats is likely to be limited – because the tiny wooden weapons will be locked up in the classrooms.


    • Is there a reason you keep posting the exact same asinine crap over and over, other than to prove you are unable to have an original thought? Your NRA masters must be proud of your idiocy

      • He’s just making fun of liberal democrats, which is easy to do. The liberals worked hard for the Mental Health Act of 1963 which effectively shuttered Insane Asylums and these school shootings are the consequences. Guns are just the easy route, I see bombs as the weapon of choice for future mass killings. The liberals fought to make the State the parent and it’s obvious the state is a sad parent. School vouchers is the way to go, let parents pick the kinds of schools their kids go to and paid for by the state allotted funding for that child. It’s OK with me if the state pays for Muslim kids to have their schools or even pagans to have their own tax funded schools. Schools and liberal democrats have totally failed our children and this country.

        • per an Alex Jones wannabe.

          My question. Our country has gone to Hell because of Democrats, (Liberals), according to you.

          How did HW leave it in worse shape, Bill Clinton leave it in better shape, Shrub-Cheney leave it in almost disaster, and Big O leave it where this loud mouthed mentally challenged sissy we somehow found dropped out of an Orangutan’s ass, going to save your opinionated credibility?

          Speaking of mentally challenged, you better thank every Liberal you see for the Mental Health Act of 1963 bro or your ass would be eating cockroaches out of urinals.

          Now, current news; http://links.newyorker.mkt4334.com/ctt?kn=16&ms=MTMzMDQ2MTUS1&r=MTMzMTgzNzU1NDM4S0&b=0&j=MTM4MTA5ODA0NQS2&mt=1&rt=0

          For all the carnival barking con man groupies who have been pre-occupied playing with their nuts instead of watching the news here lately, a caravan of a thousand people come up through Mexico every year and about 12 make it to our border.

          Mop Head calls out the National Guard because of it. Newspeak elated because National Guard, (In their spare time), can teach American students how to — WATCH.

          At least that’s better than Mop Head teaching them how to snatch snatch.



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