Pro-Life Supporters Have New Sense Of Optimism


Pro-Life Supporters Have New Sense Of Optimism

Pro-Life supporters gather for an annual event in Evansville, but there is a new sense of optimism this year. Each year Right To Life holds its Life Chain, a silent prayer vigil to protect life and oppose abortion.
However, this year the group hopes its battle might be about to pay off.  “Our mission is to protect all human life from conception to natural death and we are here to let young moms who are facing a crisis pregnancy know they are not alone,” says Mary Ellen Van Dyke, Executive Director of Right to Life of Southwest Indiana.
The vigil comes less than a day after the Senate confirmed Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the nations highest court by a count of 50 to 48. When asked if they are optimistic about the possibility of Roe versus Wade being overturned,
“Oh absolutely we do,” says Van Dyke. “Roe versus Wade was a poorly decided decision.”

Over a hundred Life Chain attendees lined Green River Road with signs in support of life. Many pro-life supporters say Kavanaugh could be the voice for change.

“We of course support Brett Kavanaugh, but we want to be able to have this, the voice of the nation approve that,” says Sean Boiles, Life Chain attendee. “I think that was stated loud and clear. There’s also opposition to that, but on our side we’re here to support life and if we have a voice out there to be able to speak up for life, then we are supporting that.”

Meanwhile others say they are more optimistic now, but change doesn’t always happen quickly.

“As both sayings go, it takes more than one voice,” says Raymond Schaefer, Life Chain attendee. “I mean I’m afraid, it would be great if Kavanaugh could be the voice to do it, but you know it don’t happen that quick. You know it’s gonna be a long process.”

It has been 45 years since the decision of Roe versus Wade. When asked if their battle with the decision will finally pay off,

“We don’t know when and we don’t know how and we don’t know how long,” says Van Dyke. “But we do know we will win in the end because the killing of anyone is wrong. No matter the place, the size, or the age of the person.”

According to Indiana law, abortions are only allowed to be performed by a doctor in the first trimester of a pregnancy based on the woman doctor. After viability, an abortion is only permitted in Indiana to protect the health of the mother and must be performed in a hospital.



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