PEF Technology Showcase



Evansville, IN: The 12th annual PEF Technology Showcase will be held at Ivy Tech Community College on Thursday, March 14th, 2019 from 4 – 6:30PM. The showcase will feature exhibits from tech-savvy EVSC students and other area organizations.

This year the PEF Technology Showcase delivers a focus on live events, including virtual reality expeditions, coding challenges and digital music creation. Berry Global is providing one of the virtual reality rigs and while it’s fun to play with it has a very practical business application as well. It allows local technical support to fix manufacturing problems on the other side of the world by seeing what is happening through someone else’s eyes.

“It is important to make the connection between innovative technology and practical business application. Yes, it’s fun to use a VR rig, but we aim to help students make the connection between this technology and how it’s truly used in business,” says Kate Reibel, PEF Executive Director. “Technology is leaps and bounds from where it was 12 years ago when this showcase started. Now we intentionally focus on joining innovative technology to future careers.”

The showcase is located in the Commons area at Ivy Tech Community College, Door C, 3501 N. First Avenue. The area will be transformed into an innovation showcase with student-led demonstrations and hands-on activities from K-12 schools in our community.

This event is free and open for all to attend.


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