Owner Of Business Where Hoax Device Was Found Shows Appreciation To Evansville Police.


On October 9, just before 6:30 am Evansville Police responded to call at the Himal Food Mart (3017 Kratzville Rd) for a suspicious looking device. Officers arrived and locked down the surrounding area to allow the Hazardous Device Unit room investigate. The Hazardous Device Unit was able to take possession of the hoax device to further investigate the origin of it. The owner of the Himal Food Mart was so impressed with the professionalism of the Evansville Police Department he made a $500.00 donation to the Evansville Police Department Foundation and issued a statement. That statement reads:

” First of all, we sincerely want to thank EPD for their prompt response and diligent work to investigate and neutralize possible threat this morning at Himal Food Mart premise. We also want to express our sincere regards to all our customers and neighbors for their support. We had so many people stop by or call to express their sympathy and support this morning. We valu e our customers and neighbors and it gives us great pleasure to own business in such a great community.
Luckily, this incident turned out to be a hoax, but, work done by EPD and support shown by community was remarkable and truly reflects that we are here for each other.
Having new technology to properly identify threats in our community and successfully neutralize to keep everyone safe is very important. So, Himal Food Mart is very happy to contribute a small amount of $500.00 to EPD bomb squad to use for the purchase of such equipment that will help keep our community safe and sound.
– Himal Food Mart Family”

On behalf of the members of the Evansville Police Department Foundation, the Evansville Police Department gladly accepts and greatly appreciates this gesture by the Himal Food Mart and thank them sincerely.


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